Video: IVF is 30 Years Young This Month


Thirty years ago, Louise Brown, the first IVF  baby, was born.  Amazing!  It is amazing how life moves at life speed.  Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe, through their work and the work of others alongside of them. The work of others through the thousands of years to help us get to this point, of creating life in a test tube.  Remember, we are all part of the same energy of the universe.  At CNY Fertility, we’ve been practicing this for nearly fifteen years and have grown from just me to four centers.  Integrating Eastern and Western medicine as one, with over 150 practitioners helping and seeing clients from all over the world.  Pregnancy rates have gone from the single digits to the 40-50% range and using donor eggs.  We are able to freeze eggs for women who are concerned about childbearing and waiting too long.  Now we offer multi-cycle and discount plans these have made IVF and all fertility treatments more affordable and accessible.  I must come back and thank Steptoe and Edwards for their work to help us to see the possibilities.  It’s always growing and changing.  Integrating East and West is critical in our lives and is critical in general.  Helping us find the light each and every day.  Blessings to all on their journey.  Congratulations to Steptoe and Edwards for their creation of the first IVF baby and to Louise Brown at 30 years young.
Dr. Rob
Another awesome and amazing day!