Video: Infertility Support-Using a Holiday Script


Hi, my name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  In addition to my Words of Support and Encouragement article this week, I wanted to upload a quick video talking about  celebrating the holidays.  Now, we’ve been working on going through various challenges that you may face during the holidays, especially while trying to conceive.  For some it can be a time of great joy, but for others, it may be emotionally challenging if you think about what you’ve been longing for or what you may have lost, and what you may feel jealous about of others.  So, what I’d like you to do is to really take the time to celebrate all the work that you have done.  Now this past week, we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving and we’re moving quickly into the winter holidays.  So take the time to enjoy the work that you’ve put in.  You’ve put your script together, you’ve taken an inventory of your emotions, you really checked in with yourself and made sure that you’re in a good spot.  You’ve done some good planning for the holidays as well making sure that you feel comfortable with your plans and that you feel secure moving forward.  I’d really like you to really take the time to enjoy the holidays, pamper yourself a little bit, indulge yourself a little bit, have something sweet with dinner, and enjoy those around you because you have put a ton of great work in.  You do deserve to enjoy these holidays.  Even if your family isn’t exactly what you want it to be just yet, hold on tight to the hope that it will be there soon. You’re just supporting your fertility and enhancing your fertility by all the laughs that you share and all the love that you share with your family as well.  I hope that you have a great holiday.  We’re going to continue working through the holiday support articles because I have many more to touch on before we get to the winter holidays.  See you next week!  {{vspace8}}
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator