Video: Infertility Support & Social Media Connections


Hi! My name is Lisa Stack and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator. This week for my Words of Support and Encouragement article, I talked about making connections on various social media websites. I have great connections on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. A lot of these connections have brought in opportunities for me to support clients and potential clients.
So recently I was able to re-work a mantra for a patient that was trying to work through mantras to get some positive energy and positive thinking. We were able to re-create this great mantra for her and her partner. She really was satisfied with it. I really encourage you to contact me, even if you aren’t one of our clients. If you just come across one of our videos on YouTube, your Twitter account, or on Facebook, please just contact me. Let me know if there is any way that I can help you. If I can get a mantra going for you, get some good, positive ideas, and positive thinking. You don’t have to be a client to receive support from us, you don’t have to be a client to feel like you’re part of the CNY Fertility family. I am really excited to help everyone out and I love getting new feedback and ideas, so please feel free to contact me and let me know if there’s anything that I can do for you. Have a great week!
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator