Video: Infertility Support: Creating A Vision Board



Hi, my name is Lisa Stack and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  Throughout the month of May, all three centers are going to be doing vision boards.  In my Words of Support and Encouragement this week, I give you a little insight on how we do vision boards and what they represent and some of the great responses that we’ve had to them; but I wanted to give you a little more insight via video. 
During our vision board activities, what we do is we get a bunch of magazines, kind of all spread out on the floor.  We just relax a little bit and go through and cut out any pictures or words that really jump out at us or really speak to us.  Then you just kind of haphazardly place them on your poster board.  Once you’re finished, it’s a great opportunity to take a look at the board, see what you’ve been thinking of, see what’s on your mind, and see what your goals are.  Some people try to choose a theme, such as trying to conceive, other people just kind of let themselves go and put down whatever jumps out at them.  However you do it is really up to you.  There really is no right or wrong way to do it.  It’s a great cathartic activity to get your mind moving and get the creative juices flowing and really approach our fertility and approach these challenges in a different way and in a different light, instead of the continuous sharing that we do that is so wonderful and maybe sometimes a bit challenging emotionally.  This is a real positive activity that really gets you out there, and enjoying yourself and sharing with others, and see how others may approach their fertility as well.  You may find a couple of new things about yourself that you didn’t know. 
I encourage you to join us.  It really is a fun activity.  You can also do it at home as well.  All you need is just a cardboard or something that you can cut and paste the images on and then just various images from magazines or newspapers.  Again, just let yourself go.  Don’t think about it too much.  Don’t get too serious with it.   Just take out photos that you like or any words or statements that you’d like to put on there and just paste them on there, whatever speaks to you.  Then just take a look at it.  It’s always nice to put your vision boards up in your home somewhere, so you can see it when you wake up, or enter or leave your home, you see it and you’re reminded of your goals, and reminded of what you want most in life.  I hope you join us, and I hope you take a look at the rest of the activities that we have planned throughout the rest of May in all three centers; because we really do have some great workshops and some support opportunities for you. 
Have a great week!
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator