Video: Infertility Support and Fertile Friends


Hi! My name is Lisa Stack and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator. I wanted to upload a quick video about one of our great support opportunities. We have created the Fertile Friends program a couple of years ago as a request from some of our clients. We noticed that as they were sitting on the couches in the reception areas, they started chatting, exchanging phone numbers, email addresses, and they really established a wonderful support community on their own. We wanted to facilitate this a bit more and make it a bit easier for people to connect with other clients and get a bit of a cycle buddy.
What we’d like to do, if you’re interested in finding someone that is pursuing a similar cycle as yours with a similar diagnosis, send me an email. What I can do is I can pair you up with someone in a similar situation that I feel you may click with. This will begin a nice phone, email conversation relationship, whichever you feel comfortable with; and offer you someone to just bounce ideas off of, to support along the way and receive support from. These relationships have really blossomed into great friendships and great support along the way. It’s nice having someone that is in the similar boat as you. They are encountering the same challenges that you are, many of the same emotions, the same sentiments; so it is nice to have someone that you can connect with, that is a bit anonymous because you won’t be seeing each other all the time, and the relationship is really what you’d like to make of it. You can share things that you may not necessarily share with friends or family members that aren’t familiar with the fertility process.
If you’re interested in having a fertile friend, please email me. My email address will be linked with this video, but it is and I can help start the process. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to ask to ask any questions from our practitioners during your appointments. They also know about the Fertile Friends Program and we’d love to get you started and get you talking. Thanks.

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