Video: Infertility and Supplementing Cycles with Herbal Formulas


Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  In addition to my “Words of Support and Encouragement” this week, I wanted to upload a quick video talking about the benefits of traditional Chinese herbal tonics.  At our CNY Healing Arts Center, which I had mentioned in the video, we’re happy to offer you these traditional Chinese herb tonics, and they really are wonderful.  There are a lot more videos and there are a couple of articles coming for the website, so you can get a ton more information there.  
I wanted to let you know that this is another way that you can supplement your cycle.  If you’re going through your cycles, you’re doing your medications, you’re doing your yoga, you’re doing your meditation, and trying to relax as much as possible, but feeling like you want to add a little bit more—these herbal tonics are a great way to do it.  They are very safe as long as you take them along the proper guidelines and in the doses that they recommend.  They work from within to release all the great hormones and energy, and kind of soothe some of the challenges that you may be facing.  They are great tonics for general fertility, endometriosis, if you maybe have difficulty with your lining, great follicle stimulation.  There really are so many great ones there, especially in your early pregnancy.  So, if you’ve had problems with miscarriages, spotting during pregnancy, or even getting into the more challenging pregnancy symptoms such as hyperemesis, morning sickness—they have tonics that take you through all those moments.  This is a great way to cheaply help you supplement your cycle in a nice, safe way; but also knowing that you’re doing everything you can to improve your fertility.  
We have a bunch of videos from Donald Clarke on our website, and more will be coming.  We will also be talking about the male fertility tonics as well in the next couple of weeks.  I hope you take a look at those.  Again, if you have any questions about acupuncture, about the fertility tonics, Maya Abdominal Massage, or any other massage, or any other opportunities at our CNY Healing Arts Centers, please feel free to contact our practitioners.  They’re awesome and really easy to talk to, they’re really fun.  They love helping our clients and love helping get our clients pregnant and healthy.  So feel free to give them a call and as always you can call me.  This week we also have some great support opportunities coming up and into next week, so take a look at our calendars for those.  Have a great week! 
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator