Video: Get to Know Our Fertility Practitioners


Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  In addition to my Words of Support and Encouragement article this week, I wanted to upload a quick video talking about “Getting to Know Your Practitioners”.{{vspace8}}
Now, we are blessed with a really great office; we can see so many patients at once.  Sometimes we even see around 100 patients a day.  We do that on purpose because we don’t want to have you waiting 6 months to a year to get in for your consult, then waiting to cycle, and waiting to cycle again if you have to.  So, what we’ve done—Dr. Kiltz has expanded all of our centers so we have so many great employees, so many great facilities to try and treat as many people at once.{{vspace8}}
Sometimes, I think that sometimes our clients may feel as if they don’t get as much one-on-one attention with our practitioners and it’s OK.  We have a lot of opportunities for you to come in and meet with our practitioners.  You can always schedule follow-up talks, you can reschedule consults if you really feel like you need to go through your cycle with someone and get more specific one-on-one time with them.  I think that’s always a really great idea.  What I really suggest is getting to know your practitioners outside of the exam room.  The way to do that is to come to our support groups, come to our workshops and any of our events.  Many of them are free, so if you don’t have any extra money right now to spend on that, we understand—we offer so many free events.  Call into the webinars and Dr. Kiltz’s teleworkshop with Kristen Magnacca.  Just get to know your practitioners in a comfortable environment and a comfortable setting.  I think you’ll start to feel a lot more comfortable with them and a lot more confident when you see them interacting outside of their scrubs and interacting outside of just the exam room, and answering your specific medical questions.{{vspace8}}
Ultimately, the more confident you are with your practitioners and those treating you, the more confident you will be in your cycle.  I fully believe that you’ll be more successful.  If you’re looking for different opportunities to meet us, to meet Dr. Kiltz, Dr. Greene, Dr. Grossman, meet many of the nurses that you’ve been seeing and that will be helping coordinate your cycle, take a look at our calendars and see who’s going to be at some of the events and the workshops.  We’re always rotating through different events with people and different practitioners throughout the month, but usually you can catch someone, somewhere along the way.  I think it’s a great way for you to get your story out there and get to know who’s been treating you a little bit better.  I’ll talk to you next week!{{vspace8}}
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator