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Posted by: Editor on Feb 14, 2012 in News

Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  This week I uploaded an article talking about us hearing your silence and hearing you when you’re in the office.


I know that when you walk into our office, and you are in the waiting room, you notice a lot of women sitting silently.  Maybe you just grab a cup of coffee or tea, and just kind of rustle through a magazine or play on your phone, and just kind of avoid eye contact.  I think that’s very normal when we’re coping with something that is so challenging.


I would like you to find some comfort in that silence.  Although you’re hurting and you’re wondering all these questions:  How are my levels going to come out today?  How many follicles are we going to get?  Is this one finally going to work? The woman next to you is feeling those same thoughts, emotions, and concerns.  Everyone in that room that is sitting silently is running through those same thoughts and emotions.  While people may not talk about it openly within the room, I’d like you to just know that everyone else is feeling the same way.  The silence is OK.  You may not readily come forth with your emotions or you may not really want to talk about it, especially with a group of strangers as you’re waiting.  If you do feel like talking about it, we’re always open to listening.


The Circle of Hope Support Group is a great way to get your foot wet in the experience of talking about it and sharing.  Even if you just come a couple of times and you don’t say anything at all, if you just sit in the back and listen, I think you’ll really find it comforting to know that other women are sharing the exact same thoughts and sentiments that you are.  These thoughts aren’t very strange, they not too dark, they’re not too scary, they’re not too worrisome—they’re normal.  We don’t always have the opportunity to share them in a safe place.  Again, try to take some comfort in that silence knowing that those around you are feeling the same way.


We have many opportunities for you to share your thoughts—Circle of Hope Support group and the other support groups offered at our centers, and many of our workshops offer a great time for you to share as well.  We have our Fertile Friends peer support coupled with our Yoga for Fertility which is a great way to be around like-minded women and those in similar situations to really get your thoughts out there and listen to someone else’s story.


We also have a couple of other options.  We have our Fertile Friends program where we can match you up with someone that is pursuing a similar cycle to ours.  We have our New Success Stories program if you’re interested in speaking with someone who has pursued a similar cycle, maybe conceiving over 40, a donor cycle with IUI with PCOS, whatever it may be—just email me and let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll hunt down someone who will be willing to share with you because we do have so many great stories from our clients.  So many of them have come forth wanting to share; so that’s a great way to break the silence.  Even when you’re in the office and you’re pursuing your cycle, and maybe we’re drawing your blood or doing your ultrasound; know that it’s OK to be quiet.  It’s OK to not want to share if it feels too painful to share because we understand.  Many of our employees have experienced infertility themselves that’s how we’ve come to acquire them.


We understand that you’re not ready to share and we understand the silence and we respect it, and that’s OK.   Know that we are here to listen whenever you’re ready to share with us.  You can always contact me as well or call, or email, or catch me at some of the workshops and support groups.  I’d love to chat and share my story with you and listen to yours.  I’ll talk to you soon!


Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator

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