Video: Fertility Intention-This is the Year for my Baby!


Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  This week during my Words of Support and Encouragement article, I talked about making sure that you are good to yourself and that you’re using positive words in this next new year.  Now, a lot of times you will say this is the year for my work, this is the year for exercise and losing weight; but I’d like you to try and change your words to this is the year for your baby.  Now the thing we’re going to be positive and helpful to you and your baby.  We’re going to keep that goal in the forefront of our minds and use it as a constant motivation.  A lot of times, the medication, the cycles, and the ultrasounds, and the blood tests can start to weigh down on you and they can get challenging to come to every week and every couple of days.  So, when you feel yourself getting a little discouraged or disappointed, or getting run down, try and remind yourself that this is the year for your baby.  This is the year that you’re going to do it and complete your family, and you’re going to achieve all of the happiness that you’ve wanted.  Try and use those words every day, try to keep them close at hand. {{vspace8}}
If you need a little bit of extra help, come in and see us.  We can get you coordinated with a fertile friendship; you can speak with one of our success stories.  You can always contact me.  You’re also welcome at any of our workshops or our Circle of Hope Support Group sessions, or in Albany our PCOS support group sessions, and our multiple online webinar sessions.  So please be kind to yourself.  Use those positive words; this year is the year for your baby.  Keep moving forward every day in this New Year.  Keep moving forward towards your goal getting healthier, getting happier, and becoming more at peace with yourself and the baby that you’re trying to conceive.  See you next week! {{vspace8}}
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator