Video: Fertility Clients Traveling to CNY Fertility …

Lisa:  Hi, Dr. Kiltz!  How are you?
Dr. Rob:  Spectacular!  Another awesome and amazing day in the universe.  Every day, I say those words.
Lisa:  It really helps.  I believe it does.
Dr. Rob:  We are so blessed.  Here at CNY Fertility & CNY healing Arts, Lisa is really helping bring support together for everyone, no matter where you’re from.  Often, we’re seeing clients from all over the world.
Lisa:  Absolutely!  Traveling thousands and thousands and thousands of miles just to reach us.
Dr. Rob:  We say “out of town” but I want to change the words because they’re “travel clients”.  It’s the words and the connections that are so important.  We’re here to help anyone from any place.
Lisa:  Anywhere!  We have clients contacting us all the time.  I have clients asking me all the time, “Is it possible to come to your center or to be treated at home?”  We really have so many ways to work around the traveling and the distance to make it feel like that you aren’t far away at all.
Dr. Rob:  Now with the internet and Face Time and Google, and whatever, it’s so simple to connect with people.  I’m talking to people on my iPhone every day.  Sometimes, it’s only a few minutes of words support and guidance.  Sometimes they get pregnant without even showing up.
Lisa:  It’s really wonderful.  It’s a really seamless process, essentially.  We are able to schedule a great phone consult with either you or one of our providers where it’s just like you’re sitting in the room here.  You get the same exact care that you would here.  We’re able to provide you with dedicated nurses that just work with our traveling clients.  That’s just what they do all day long, and they love it.  We’re able to do a lot of our treatment remotely, and then bring you in when we need to.
Dr. Rob:  Dedicated support and that’s really important.  We’re here to help no matter where you’re coming from.  Everything is possible!
Lisa:  If you ever are questioning if you can make the travel arrangements or how the timing will work out, please contact us.  We’ve coordinated more cycles than you can imagine with out of town clients and they’ve all worked wonderfully.
Dr. Rob:  Absolutely.  We have the help and the guidance.  Please don’t hesitate to call and ask.
Lisa:  We have great IVF treatment and fertility treatment here and it’s a wonderful destination as well.
Dr. Rob:  Thank you, Lisa for bringing the word and sharing it with others.
Lisa:  Thank you.  Please contact us.
Dr. Rob:  I appreciate it.  God Bless!  Take care!

Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator