Video: Fertility Appointments-An Opportunity for Relaxation


Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  In addition to my Words of Support and Encouragement article this week, I wanted to upload a quick video talking about changing your attitude towards your appointments at our center.  Now, I know that the appointments may seem like they’re a bit of a drag, they’re challenging to deal with, or you’re getting various information at each appointment.  Sometimes, you have to come in frequently.  If you’re in the middle of a cycle, you may have to come into our office every two days.
While you’re coming in frequently, you’re getting your blood drawn, you’re getting your ultrasound done, I encourage you to try and utilize this time as a period of relaxation.  Look at this as an event.  A time that’s just for you.  A time away for you to just get a little bit away from the world, to take care of something that you’re really hopeful about, and you’re really excited about because of course you want to try to conceive that child that you’ve always been looking forward to.  So instead of kind of viewing our appointments as a burden, or something that we have to get past to get to the transfer of the IVF or IUI, maybe just try to schedule 10 minutes before or after the appointment where you can take a cup of coffee and go by the pond, sit quietly in CNY Healing Arts, and take time to do some reading that you’ve wanted to get done for a while.  I know we’re all so busy.  Try to think of something that you can do—bring in some crocheting or some knitting if that’s something that you really enjoy.  Now that the weather is nice, sit outside for a little while.  Just 10 minutes after your appointment, let the appointment sink it, and give yourself some time to breathe, and quietly sit outside by yourself.
We don’t always have to keep going, and going, and going, and rushing.  If you’re finding it challenging to cut sometime out for yourself, maybe try to work in a little bit of a meditative opportunity for yourself at your appointments.  If you need some suggestions, let me know.  I always have some good ideas to help you relax and enjoy your appointment, and get a little bit more time for yourself.  Have a great week!
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator