Video: Fertility and Couple Counseling Options


Hi!  I’m Lisa Stack, your CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  Today I’m going to be talking to you about support.  We offer many support opportunities in our CNY Healing Arts and CNY Fertility Centers which you can find in previous videos that I’ve done, articles, and on our website.  We have multiple support groups and workshops, and we have many nurses available, and I’m available, as well for some peer support.
Beyond that, we recommend that our patients speak with a counselor on a regular basis.  If anyone comes to me asking for extra support or maybe support that is behind what I can provide or what the nurses can provide during your appointments, we absolutely suggest that you speak with someone that’s licensed, qualified, and trained to do this on a weekly basis.  We have many great counselors that we work with.  They are familiar with female and couple and family issues.  A lot of them have worked with grief and loss.  Many of them have worked with fertility specifically, especially through our office.  They’re very familiar with the challenges that our patients face and how to approach those challenges and support you the best way possible.
We welcome you, of course, with any support that we can give you, but we also understand that sometimes you may need something a little more intensive and more on a consistent basis.  Don’t ever feel ashamed of it or bad about asking for it.  We have many patients that seek support outside and they found that it really helps them work through their cycle;work them through any challenges they had.  I think it really helps alleviate some of the added stress and anxiety which will open doors and pathways for you to conceive.  It really can help you, it can support your cycle, it can support your marriage, your relationship with family members, and those around you, especially when they have children to have a consistent person to speak with to let those emotions out, let those feelings out.
If you’re interested in counseling, please let any of our nurses know or myself know.  We can do it quietly; we can do it as open as possible.  We can help find you a counselor that fits best with your lifestyle, what you would like, and what you would like to accomplish.  Please ask any of the nurses during your appointment.  You can just say, “Hey.  I was wondering if you had any names of local counselors”, or you can email me, call, whatever you’d like to do, or even comment on the website and I can respond to you probably on the website or in confidence.  So, whatever works best for you.  We just want to make sure you have as much help and support, love, and encouragement around you as possible.  It’s another avenue that we’d really like to share and like to help you with.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Good luck.