Video: Dr. Rob's Free Acupuncture Giveaway


Dr. Rob: Hi Lisa!
Lisa: Hi Dr. Kiltz, how you?
Dr. Rob: Very well, very well. Another beautiful day. The sun is shining but again, whether it is shining or clouds and rain, or dark; delight is within each and every one of us!
Lisa: Absolutely. We have some great new developments here at the center.
Dr. Rob: Ask me!
Lisa: So what are we offereing now with our transfers?
Dr. Rob: Well, one of the things that I have recommended for a long time is that accupuncture is really key around the time of embryo transfer. It helps increase outcomes. I believe that there’s a reduction in stress and anxiety by just lying there and getting the needles. So now, we’re offering it complementary for all that either pre or post-embryo transfer acupuncture at our Albany and our Syracuse centers.
Lisa: That’s just fantastic. I’ve had clients contact me all the time saying they’re interested in it, they’ve heard that it works. They’ve heard from their friends or family memmbers that they struggled to conceive and then they started acupuncture and they were able to conceive right away. There’s some great stories out there. This is a great way for you to make it accessible to so many people.
Dr. Rob: It helps people get pregant with or without IVF. I believe it’s an added modaliy. For me, if I believe it enough and really want to encourage people, often the cost of it can be limiting for some people; we knew that, and I want to help increase their outcomes. At CNY Fertility, we’re offering complimentary either pre or post-embryo transfer at our centers in Albany and in Syracuse. And also, if you just happen to be getting it in Rochester, but around the time of the transfer, just before or just after is the best.
Lisa: Thank you so much for this gift. I know so many of our clients will benefit from it and really enjoy the added secruity of having acupuncture on top of their transfer, so it really is wonderful.
Dr. Rob: Well it’s my pleasure. Also looking to assist, guide, and help. I appreciate everyone’s support.
Lisa: Thank you.
Dr. Rob: God Bless to all.

Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator

7 replies
  1. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful gift Dr. Rob! Just another reason I love CNY Fertility and recommend your clinic to all my friends!

  2. Paula
    Paula says:

    Thank you Dr. Rob! This is such a great thing especially for self pay patients! I can’t say enough good things about CNY! You guys are great!!!

  3. Janice
    Janice says:

    Great news. I was on the fence about getting accupuncture done or not. I am doing a donor cycle and I probably wont be ready for a transfer until September. Will this special being running that long?

    • Lisa Stack
      Lisa Stack says:

      Hi Janice,
      That is great! As of right now we have not set a deadline for this program. If you have any questions, you can always ask the nurses at the beginning of your cycle. They will be able to let you know the status of this program.
      Best of luck!

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