Video: Dr. Rob Kiltz shares his Fertile Secret – Integrating East and West


{{clearboth}}Hi, this is Dr. Rob Kiltz.  I want to welcome you all to CNY Fertility.  Here at CNY Fertility, we work to integrate both Eastern and Western philosophies in the holistic and healing approach of life.

It’s about wellness.  If we find the wellness in life, that’s where we get exactly what we want in this universe.   It takes a little bit of work, a little bit of persistence, but it’s out there.  So often, we’re so attached to one way of thinking; but if we open it up to the possibilities that there are other ways, other cures in this universe.  Also, looking at this journey, this path, not as a frustration or a hassle, but as a gift to help us learn in this life, and find exactly what we want.
I’m all about setting up the vision board of your life; creating in front of you all those things that you want.  If it’s a baby, put baby pictures everywhere.  If you want to see yourself as pregnant, put pregnancy pictures up everywhere.  Create your vision board of your life exactly as you want it, and that’s the best way to get it.  Be open to both the Eastern and Western approaches.  Here at CNY Fertility, we do all the Western approaches, from the low-tech to the high-tech for simple ovulation-induction and surgeries and diagnostic procedures to advanced IVF and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.  Also, open up to the possibilities of holistic healing properties of thoughts, herbs, acupuncture, meditation, massage, faith, and spirituality.  There are so many possibilities in this universe.  Healing oils, healing touch, and healing sounds.  Don’t be afraid, look at these opportunities; they’re around us each and every day.Here at CNY Fertility, and I have integrated CNY Healing Arts where we offer all of these Eastern philosophies.  Now in Rochester, now in Syracuse, now in Albany.  We care for people all over this world.  Just ask, be open.  Open that book to the possibilities of your life.  Create the picture, the positive thoughts.  With our MindBodySmile website, take a look.  Check into all those books and words, and sounds that help us in this life create a better, better, life.
When you can let go of the need to have something in order to make you happy, and recognize that it’s the here and now that makes us happy.  That’s when the really good stuff happens in life.  It’s the journey because we’re hurting, we’re frustrated, or we’re worried.  We have Kristen Magnacca and Mark Magnacca who have been really instrumental in bringing some thoughts and ideas with love and infertility.  Our retreats that we’re offering at all of our centers.  You have to do the work.  Each and every one of us needs to do the work each and every day to learn to improve our lives and our outcomes.
It all comes back to simple things that start with thought.  Thoughts send energy to the hypothalamus and the pituitary that send neurotransmitters and hormones to our cells in our body and change everything about us, each and every day.  When we focus those positive thoughts on the positive things we want each and every day, that’s when amazing things happen.  Like everything else in life, it takes a little bit of work, a little bit of persistence, and faith.  Just a few words to get us started on this journey.  It takes one little step to get you started.  After a while, those steps seem so much easier.  When we say the words, “This is easy”; again, write them down, “This is easy”, and you say them, “This is easy”.  Those things that you used to say were hard and “I couldn’t do them” become amazingly easy to do and perform and you see the light and the most amazing things happen in the universe to you and your loved ones.  What a wonderful universe we live in.  I’m going to end it now, for today, for this moment, but it’s just now because we’re living in the now, not in the yesterdays.  We’re letting go of yesterday.  We have our hopes and dreams on tomorrow, but remember, they’re constantly changing.  Again, have a spectacular day.
Love to all,
Dr. Rob Kiltz
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