Video: Dr. Rob Kiltz on Stress and Infertility


Hello, good morning, Dr. Rob Kiltz, here at the CNY Fertility Center in Syracuse, NY.  We also have centers in the Rochester and Albany area.  Know that we see couples and individuals from all over the world.
Stress is a major factor in our, and I believe and many studies have shown that it is a contributing factor to reduced fertility.  That is not to say it’s in our heads and we’re making it up.  Our lives are full of challenging things each day.  The practice of slowing down and taking a breath, eating wholesome, good food, and giving good thoughts to your food.  Studies have shown that practices like acupuncture, yoga, massage, and meditation are quite valuable to helping us relax and de-stress.  Diet well; give good thought to the foods you eat.  Practice eating whole, wholesome foods.
Remember to take time for yourself.  If you’re not taking care of yourself, no one else will.  As you care, self-care, mindfulness, you will feel the healing process.  Surround yourself with supportive people.   The first thing to do is to give yourself support.  Ask those around you to help you on your goal and your mission.  At CNY Fertility, we have our support group; we have fertility yoga, acupuncture, Maya (Abdominal) Massage, and a team of caregivers to help you through the process.  Absolutely, western medicine is part of the process.  Surgical intervention may be necessary.  In vitro may be necessary.  Ovulation-induction may be necessary, inseminations may be necessary; but know this; you can help by providing a supportive, healthy atmosphere in your life each day.
Just some thoughts on practicing de-stressing.  Check out our websites, CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts, they can help you de-stress in your life.  God Bless, Enjoy the day, Dr. Rob Kiltz