Video: Dr Rob Kiltz on Infertility Awareness and his Free IVF Giveaway


Dr. Rob Kiltz:  Hi Lisa!  How are you doing?
Lisa:  Hi, Dr. Kiltz!  Good!
Dr. Rob Kiltz:  It’s a spectacular day, isn’t it?
Lisa:  It’s a wonderful day.
Dr. Rob Kiltz:  As every day is a wonderful day, right?
Lisa:  Absolutely.   Well, I’m Lisa Stack, the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator sitting here with Dr. Kiltz, the founder and director of our CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts Centers.  We are celebrating National Infertility Awareness Month.
Dr. Rob Kiltz:  Absolutely, and being aware of your fertility is so important in life.  We call it infertility, but I like to turn it around and throw the positive at everything because it’s all about our fertility.
Lisa:  With this awareness, you’re giving away a great, great gift.  You’re giving away a free IVF cycle and our clients have the ability to register on our website for this cycle.  We may have some more coming to, to really spread the love.  What was your inspiration in behind giving this wonderful gift away?
Dr. Rob Kiltz:  Well, you just gave it away to me.  It’s called spreading the love.  The more you give, the more you get; and giving is the key to the Universe.  We know that so many people in this world need help and assistance.  Besides, the emotional and medical part of this, the financial is an important key in giving or spreading the love.  We talked about giving away and sharing the love, and spreading of love; so we’re going to be giving away 6 cycles of IVF in the future!  We’re just spreading the love!  That’s the key to the Universe, right?!
Lisa:  Absolutely!  Well, thank you so much.
Dr. Rob Kiltz:  When you focus on the positive nature of life, each and every day as Lisa brings to us in so many ways; it gives and spreads the love, so thank you for sharing this.
Lisa:  My pleasure.
Dr. Rob Kiltz:  OK, well God Bless.
Lisa:  Thank you.
For more information contact: Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator