Video: Donor Egg Process – Benefits of Utilizing Acupuncture and Herbs



Hi, my name is Donald Clarke.  I’m an acupuncturist here at CNY Healing Arts.  I wanted to talk to you a little bit about Chinese herbal medicine and what we do here at CNY Healing Arts.  It’s so important for people that are going through a donor process or a recipient process to realize that we can do a lot to help prepare your body and to prepare the follicles for retrieval or prepare your body for transfer.  We have some great formulas that are very safe that you can use for 1-3 months before the cycle begins or before that full transfer happens.  What I recommend is that if you’re considering going through the donor process or going through a recipient process that you contact us to talk about your options with Chinese herbal medicine.  They are great formulas.  We have formulas that help  everything from helping build up follicular development; there are herbs that help build lining.  A lot of it for the recipients, it’s about creating a great, healthy endometrial lining for transfer.  For the donors, it’s all about creating a very healthy viable follicle.  We want to make sure that you have plenty of those. 
We also want to make sure that you feel good through the whole process.  A lot of our formulas help build up the follicles, help create a dominant, most viable follicle.  At the same time, it prevents any trauma or swelling associated with retrieval.  It helps keep everything smooth, it keeps the trauma down, any kind of fluid retention down, it helps calm and sedate the mind, so there’s less hormonal surges.  Everything is regulated.  For recipients, we have some great formulas that help calm any kind of contraptions that may occur after the transfer.  They also help maintain a harmonized uterine environment throughout the first week, or first two weeks of the trimester. 
Once you have a positive test for the recipients, we have great formulas that help maintain the pregnancy and help keep the fetus calm, and helps keep you calm.  If there’s any problems associated with the first trimester pregnancy, we have some great formulas that help slow or prevent any further problems from occurring.  We have morning sickness formulas that help keep you from feeling nauseous and help maintain your body weight.  It’s so important for donors and recipients to remember that we care so much about this whole process and donor and recipient cycles.  We want to make sure that this is a great environment for everybody.  Often times, people do forget that we have a lot of options at CNY Healing Arts.  Donors are as important as anyone else.  We have some formulas; we also do a lot of acupuncture and nutritional counseling as well.   So, please don’t hesitate to call us.
Donald Clarke, L.Ac.
CNY Healing Arts – Syracuse