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Saturday, June 13th, 2009 Dr. Rob Kiltz sponsored an amazing event at Rosamond Gifford Zoo for his past and present clients of CNY Fertility Center. Below is just a taste of the 4 hour event. It was a wonderful evening and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Thanks to Dr. Rob and all of his staff!!

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  1. Karyl Carter
    Karyl Carter says:

    Dr. Kiltz-Saturday was another fantastic day! We look so forward to seeing you and your staff each year. You are so special and we thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!

  2. Angie Marra
    Angie Marra says:

    Dear Dr. Kiltz and your wonderful team!
    Once again, you have all outdone yourselves! We are still talking about the great day at the zoo! Lilly loved seeing all the animals, eating all the snacks and is still talking about seeing “her doctor”! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…for our family, for our little ray of happieness and sunshine and for a wonderful day at the zoo among other happy, loving, smiling, thankful familes.
    God bless you all for all the joy and love you spread everyday!
    Much Love,
    Tim, Angie & Lilly Marra

  3. Kristen Crumb
    Kristen Crumb says:

    Dr. Kiltz- I just wanted to Thank You for having such an amazing event. I felt overwhelmed to be apart of it, to see, hear and feel so much appreciation. You touch so many lives on a daily basis and that is truely a wonderful blessing. Thank you again for all that you do.
    With Love Kristen and Richard Crumb

  4. Kelly Carter
    Kelly Carter says:

    Dr. Kiltz- Thank you for hosting another wonderful event. Ashley and Brooke especially loved the Groove Garden, the Bubble Man, Wacky Chad, all of the animals and the cotton candy! We had an amazing time and were touched to see how many lives you have helped create. We are eternally grateful for all you have done for our family.
    The Carter
    Kelly, Jim, Ashley and Brooke

  5. yolanda alvarado
    yolanda alvarado says:

    Dr. Kiltz. Thank you so very much or a wonderful day. My daughters,husband and I had a great time. This was the first time for us to go i hope that we get to do this every year with you and your staff. I am very thankful that you helped me and my husband when we couldn’t have babies. Thanks to you we have a four year old and a three year old. Thanks so much for a great day and thanks so much for bringing us happiness as well as thousands of other people you are an amazing doctor keep up the good work and the wonderful thing you do in life.
    Love, from the Alvarado-Moyett family

  6. The DeHart Family
    The DeHart Family says:

    Dr. Kiltz & staff, Thank you all so much for such a wonderful day at the zoo. We have attended all 3 year so far and look forward to it each year. Thank you all to for helping us and so many other people to achieve a dream that may not have been possible without you all! Our lives are now so much more complete and of course happy.
    Thank you all again, from the bottom of our hearts.
    Love Pat, Sherry, Connor, Correy & Cristin

  7. Liz Ciborowski
    Liz Ciborowski says:

    Dr Kiltz, Thank you for such a wonderful time at the Zoo. We look forward to seeing you and your staff every year. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you for what you helped us achieve. It’s amazing to look around at the zoo party every year and see all the “little people” that are part of the large CNY fertility family, that may not have existed if not for you & your amazing staff. You are always in our hearts!
    Much love,
    Dennis, Liz, Natalia & Ava Ciborowski

  8. Christina
    Christina says:

    Dr. Kiltz and staff,
    Thank you for a wonderful day at the zoo. We look forward to it each year. Thank you for making our dreams of having a family come true. Our beautiful daughter is almost 4 years old and our boy/girl twins will be having their 1st birthday on the 27th! It was so nice to see how many lives you have touched. God bless you and your staff.
    The Eggleston’s
    Christina, Andy, Elizabeth, Alex and Olivia

  9. Nicole Finch
    Nicole Finch says:

    Dr Kiltz…the last 2 parties we were not able to attend due to illness and surgery but this year we made it!! We were happy that we were able to!! You really go all out! It was all well set up and it was great to see how many families you have helped along with your staff. Noah is 3 1/2 now and really loves the animals. When we returned to your office in Feb of this year…never did we dream that in April we would get pregnant with twins! You did it again! You do amazing things…you just have the gift Dr Kiltz, was your calling and I speak for all of us when I say ,we would probably not be where we are today with our children,if it was not for you…God Bless You….we will be by to visit with the twins & Noah probably in January. We plan to attend next years party as well!
    With much love,
    Nicole,Aaron, Noah Finch

  10. Denise Wright
    Denise Wright says:

    Dr. Kiltz,
    We want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful outing on Saturday. How appropiate it was that the first time our son saw the zoo was at an event sponsered by the people who helped create him. Words cannot express the appreciation that we have for you and your staff for giving us something we never thought we could have. Blake has been talking about the zoo and carrying around his CNY Fertility elephant ever since we left on Saturday. We cannot wait until next year to see all the miracles you have created. Thank you again!
    Brian, Denise and Blake Wright

  11. Rose Oliver
    Rose Oliver says:

    Dr K. – you and your staff are amazing!!! We had a wonderful time at the zoo party on Sat and we were able to meet some of the ladies from the forum that are fast becoming friends – all connected through your wonderful generosity. We are so blessed to know you!! You have made our dreams a reality. Leah will be 3 in November & Olivia will be 1 on July 12th….. We look forward to your zoo event every year.
    Thank you again –
    Rose, Curtis, Leah & Olivia Oliver

  12. Stacie Luczynski
    Stacie Luczynski says:

    Hi Dr. Rob!
    We just want to say, “THANK YOU SO MUCH” for an incredible day at the zoo! We are still in awe over how much you care about all of your patients, your “family.” It was our first time going and we will certainly go again! You are truly one of a kind. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives. Our little Nalla had so much fun, even though she’s only 8 months:) We’re looking forward to seeing you again. In the meantime, be well!!
    Much Love,
    Stacie, Renee and Nalla Luczynski-Perch

  13. Dr Rob
    Dr Rob says:

    Wow, what an awesome event. Bringing people together for a happy celebration of life. Thank you to all, my staff, The zoo, Wacky Chad, Groove Garden, the animals, the photographers, and especially to the kids, their parents and families. The smiles and expressions of joy were immense and filled my heart with more love of life. A blessing to all and see you at the zoo in 2010 🙂
    Dr. Rob (Kiltz)

  14. Diane Mumau
    Diane Mumau says:

    Dear Dr. Kiltz and Staff,
    We wanted to thank you for the zoo party. We had a wonderful time, and are so glad to be able to see you. You are a wonderful group of people, and you will always hold a special place in our hearts! See you next year!
    The Mumau Family
    Diane Chris Tommy

  15. The Massulik Family
    The Massulik Family says:

    Dr. Kiltz & Staff,
    Thank you for putting on another amazing evening at the zoo. This is our fourth year in attendance and it is truly inspiring to be a part of this group every year.
    My husband and I are forever grateful for all you have done to help make our family who we are today. Being a part of the evening at the zoo is an awesome reminder of how many families, how many individual lives have been made whole, have been made infinitely better due to your incredible gifts, technology and spirit.
    With more appreciation and affection then we can ever express, thank you.

  16. Kelly Cleaveland
    Kelly Cleaveland says:

    Dr. Rob… and staff,
    THANK YOU!!! This was our first time at the Zoo event… what a wonderfull day! So much fun! Lilly just loved the animals, the food, etc… my husband and I realized this is something to be part of every year… Thank you so much!!!

  17. Lizette Alvarado, Elroy Edwards, Fajo Edwards
    Lizette Alvarado, Elroy Edwards, Fajo Edwards says:

    Dear Dr. Kiltz:
    What at wonderful Celebration of Life! It was just amazing to see how many families you and the AMAZING staff at CNY have touched over the years. My husband and I are blessed every single day because of your dedication, work ethic, and your love for creation. Our son Fajo is now three years old and this was my first time bringing him out to the zoo and most importantly to this great and significant celebration of life.
    My son was a miracle when through medicine and the sacred work done at your center he came to be. He is just an amazing little boy. He was born on February 14, 2006 bringing us great happiness. I don’t often take him places were there are many people but I felt the calling to attend the celebration at the zoo and we truly enjoyed ourselves.
    Fajo is a survivor of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury, he continues to be our MIRACLE. He was hurt while in the care of his Day Care Provided back in May of 2006. I like to take this opportunity to tell every single parent or care provider NOT to EVER, EVER SHAKE a baby or a child.
    I look forward to next year’s CELEBRATION OF LIFE and to bringing Fajo.
    It was also great meeting your mom, she is as wonderful as you are. I also want to send special thanks and blessings to Meg.
    Lizette, Elroy, and Little Fajo

  18. Tina & Eric Nordstrom
    Tina & Eric Nordstrom says:

    We just wanted you to know what a wonderful time we had at the zoo. Our children loved it to. As your patients we are very lucky to have such a caring doctor and staff that takes the time to help every individual case to the best of their knowledge , and don’t forget the prayers! You are truly the best Dr. Kiltz! We’ll be in touch soon. Please continue to visit the zoo because their Gods creatures too.

  19. Heather Trovato
    Heather Trovato says:

    Thank you Dr Rob and your incredible staff for a wonderful evening at Party with the Animals. You are very gracious. We had such a great time.
    Heather, Tom & Sophia Izabella Trovato

  20. The Sniezek's
    The Sniezek's says:

    Thank you so much to Dr. Kiltz and his amazing staff for another successful event. The set up was great this year and things ran smoothly. Everyone had such great smiles on their faces. We will be making this a yearly event. What a beautiful time, bringing all of the families together that all had or have the same goal in mind. Amazing families have been created by CNY. Thank you for ours. We love you all!
    Adrienne, Rob, and Olivia

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