Video: CNY Fertility offers the Fertile Secret: Massage for Fertility


Hi, I’m Lisa Stack, the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  This is the third video in our multiple-part series, The Fertile Secret.  If you are listening to the videos, take a look at the first introduction video I did on The Fertile Secret; and that will give you an idea about the philosophy of the program and where it started.  The second video talks about acupuncture.
Today, I want to talk to you about massage.  We use massage throughout any point during your cycle, as well as in your early pregnancy.  A massage has great benefits for your mind, body, and spirit as well.  It offers great relaxation, good blood flow, and circulation to those reproductive organs that we need.  It also helps to realign the uterus and serves many, many purposes.  If you’re interested in massage, please contact our CNY Healing Arts Centers.  We have multiple practitioners that can help you.  They can kind of cater the massage to specifically where you are in your cycle and to what your needs may be.  We turn to massage during The Fertile Secret series as a way to help align the body, help align the mind, and align the spirit.  We use it to slow down, work on the breath, work on facilitating great blood flow, and also just letting the self kind of melt and relax.
Dr. Kiltz has worked with our massage practitioners to create a specific massage for fertility.  What he’s done is he’s utilized some of the great benefits of Maya Abdominal Massage and deep tissue massage.  If you’re new to Maya Abdominal Massage, check out my other video that I talk about, massage itself, and I gave you my experiences on it.  A quick review of it—Maya Abdominal Massage is that specific massage that focuses just on the abdomen.  Deep tissue is more of a full-body massage.  What we’ve done is created a specific massage for your follicular phase and your luteal phase.  If you can’t remember follicular or luteal, that’s OK, just remember to tell your practitioner where you are in your cycle, and they’ll be able to adjust accordingly.  To get more specific, the folicullar stage is when you’re in the beginning of your cycle and your endometrial lining is growing and those follicules are getting big and healthy, and you are preparing forovulation.  What we do in there is a bit more specific on the Maya Abdominal Massage-side.  We’re going to be making sure your uterus is aligned, we’re going to be decreasing any inflammation that you have from polycystic ovaries or endometriosis, and we’re going to be facilitating great, good healthy blood flow right to your uterus and to your ovaries.  This also works for our male patients, too.  During this stage, we’d be facilitating good blood flow down to the testicles and into the genital region just so we can get a sperm sample for when we need it for the ovulation.  It can be used for both partners.  Make sure that you remember that.
Up until the point of ovulation, we would do the follicular massage and then after that we would move into the luteal phase.  Once you’ve ovulated, we don’t want to be going that heavily on your uterus and your ovaries or that general region.  We want to be focusing more overall on the body, focusing on relaxation and just really kind toning the body down, getting those good hormones going, and creating a wonderful, healthy environment for the embryo to implant and for a great, healthy, wonderful pregnancy to take place.  The massage would be a little bit different, heavy focus on your abdomen, it would be a little more overall just general health massage, decreasing that stress, getting those good hormones flowing, and keeping you as happy and comfortable as possible.
Maya massage is great to be utilized at any time, similar to the acupuncture appointment that I had described.  You would go in, talk to the practitioner, let them know where you are in your cycle, if you have any concerns, if you have any health problems, or if you have some areas where you’d like to focus on even if you’re in that beginning follicular stage and you notice that you’re holding a lot of tension in your neck and shoulders, they can also work on that as well.  They will try to make you as comfortable as possible, work with you; they will give you feedback as to how they feel you’re doing.  You can give them feedback if you want them to focus on a certain area.  It can be utilized, again, throughout your whole cycle and again into your early pregnancy.  It’s a great way to facilitate some mediation and relaxation as you’re on the table and you’re just getting back into touch with yourself.  We utilize massage, we absolutely encourage it.  If you have any questions, post them to the website or send me an email them, or contact any of our practitioners, they will be able to answer questions for you and help walk you through the process further.  This is a great facet to The Fertile Secret, and it is a wonderful way to work towards feeling that optimal fertile, healthy feeling.  I hope you enjoy it.