Video: CNY Fertility offers The Fertile Secret: Introduction


{{clearboth}}Hi.  I’m Lisa Stack, the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator, and I wanted to upload the first video installment of our Fertile Secret web series. I hope you enjoy!

The Fertile Secret is a program created by Dr. Kitz.  What it does is integrate Eastern and Western thought and medicine.  So instead of just treating you with medications, procedures, your typical cycle, Dr. Kiltz has found that a really great way, and most effective way, is to also include Eastern medicine and Eastern thought as well.  So, what he’s done is he’s created this Fertile Secret program and this way of thinking, this mindset, and this essence.  The Fertile Secret gets to the point that you are perfect, you have all of your potential; you have everything that you need, but we just need to help bring it out.  We need to help you fully express it.  We need to help you express it in a way that’s positive, helpful, and safe and really explores your utmost fertility.  The multiple parts of the Fertile Secret program are yoga, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and support groups.  All of these facets play in together to really create this wonderful world of support for you and the ideal setting to create that dream that you have.  To work towards those pregnancies and work towards that family that you always wanted to create.
We have a lot of information on our website or you can ask any of our practitioners about it.  The Albany center is actually having a workshop this month, September 23, 2010, specifically focusing on the Fertile Secret.  They’re going to have all of their healing arts practitioners there explaining to you what they see is ideal, and explain to you their processes, and give you a little bit of a demo as to the Fertile Secret that they practice.  If you’re interested, check it out on our website at the CNY Fertility calendar and the Healing Arts calendar.  I’m also going to go through multiple videos with you; just kind of going into a little more specifically each program and each facet of this Fertile Secret.  I will also give you my experiences with it, some experiences from other patients, and give you some good information to just give you a little foot in the door and see if it’s something that you’d be interested in.  It is absolutely recommended by Dr. Kiltz, and we’ve found great success with it.  If you have any questions or any thoughts, you can email me, you can comment on this video or any of my other videos, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  I look forward to going on this journey with you.  Read more about The Fertile Secret here.