Video: CNY Fertility Center Donor Program Options


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Hi!  I’m Lisa Stack, the Support Coordinator at CNY Fertility Center.  I wanted to follow up on an article that I had written earlier this week about our donor program and explain some of the thoughts a little bit further.  Each month, I write an article about our donor program, just to give you a little bit of insight as to the various facets of the program and different things that you may not have considered.  Our donor program is great, great, great.  It’s a wonderful way to conceive.  It has brought our options and possibilities to many of our patients who are not able to conceive with their own gametes.
The donor program has the ability to utilize eggs, sperm, and embryos; and we have many different ways to work your cycle.  It’s really adds to your benefit to look into it, even if you’re not considering a donor cycle right now but just for down the road.  It’s always great to educate yourself, to have a great, great toolbox of information, and so you know what the different possibilities are as you move forward in your journey towards fertility.  In the donor program, this week, I highlighted the focus on the decision to use the donor cycle.  Many patients will naturally feel that pull when they are ready to use a donor cycle.  They have either done the IVFs or IUIs, or their practitioner has said that maybe it’s time to look into using donor eggs, embryos, or sperm.  Sometimes they just feel it.  They feel that they are ready at the time, that they put a lot of energy into the cycles, now they want to change things a little bit; they want to move forward or a little quicker.  The donor program is a great way to do it.  They are ready, willing and they are feeling that it’s time to move forward; and that’s wonderful.  Some of our patients don’t have that instinctual feeling.  They are not sure either way; they maybe feel a little apprehensive.  To get around that and work through that is to place them in the situation of doing a donor cycle.  Like I’ve said in previous articles and videos, that’s really the best way to go about making a decision.  So, place yourself in that situation.  How would you feel emotionally, physically?  Are you excited, apprehensive, are you feeling like maybe you should have done more with your other cycles?  Try to assess those emotions and assess how you’re feeling.  That will be a good indicator as to what you can expect when you move into that cycle.
If you’re feeling like you’re really not ready, listen to yourself.  Listen to that voice inside, that instinct.  It’ll be right.  Maybe take month off, maybe take a month to diet, exercise, and yoga and really get your body ready, and listen to your body to see what the best options are for you.  If you’re thinking maybe it’s something for you to look into, contact your donor team.  See what the process will be like for your particular situation and how to move forward.  They’re more than willing to walk you through what an actual cycle would be like and the pros and cons of it.  They have worked with so many of our patients and can give you feedback from what other patients say which is a really good benefit of it as well as the challenges.   They can give you really good perspective and a good vision as to what the cycle will be like.
If you have any questions or you would like to work through this decision with either myself or our donor team, please don’t hesitate to call us.  They’re always willing to talk through this and to work through all the possibilities and facets of the cycle.  Please stay tuned.  I will be doing one of these videos each month.  If you have any specific questions about the donor program that you’d like me to address, please let me know and I will absolutely throw a video up there and an article and get those questions all squared away for you.  Have a great month!