CNY Fertility and Maya Abdominal Massage

Hi!  I’m Lisa Stack, your CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  In my words of Support and Encouragement this week I mentioned Maya Abdominal Massage.  We are just getting it in our Albany office.  If you’re interested in trying it, please call CNY Healing Arts Center and they will get you in.  I wanted to share my experiences with you.  I tried Maya Abdominal Massage a few months ago because it was something new to the office that we were trying and we were recommending it to our patients.  I wanted to try it so I could give you my personal experience as opposed to just saying try this out, I’ve done it.  So I made an appointment with Erica.  It was very easy, very simple.  I answered just a couple of questions about just my medical and social history.  She also asks you loads of questions, so it’s similar to an acupuncture appointment.  You talk about not only your fertility, but your diet and just overall well-being.  They do a whole general assessment.  She asked a lot of questions pertaining to what I was eating, what my stress level was like, and any GI problems that I’ve noticed.  She really just took a whole-body assessment, and then utilized that then through her massage.

Once you go over the very beginning intake, you get on the table for a regular massage.  Instead of doing the whole body, she really focuses on the abdomen.  It’s really just from your chest down to your pelvis.  She goes through this very nice and deep, almost tissue massage, focusing around your belly button.  It may feel a little strange because in reality, they’re moving your organs and they’re aligning them right to where they should be.  You may feel a little pressure in some areas or a little bit of tightness, but that’s normal.  It’s kind of weird to have those sensations in the beginning because you’re not necessarily used to it, but know that it is working and that it is normal.  I noticed while she was doing the massage certain sensations in areas around my ovaries.  I asked her, “What are you feeling there?” because she kept moving over that spot.  Then she said that she could feel pelvic adhesions.  So, she was working through those adhesions and trying to loosen them up and realign them.

With Maya Abdominal Massage, the goal is to realign the abdomen.  Your energy there, your internal organs, just your whole digestive and reproductive system, we want to get it back to where it should be.  A good way that I do it–imagine that this is your uterus [demonstrating with fist].  Normally the uterus is tilted (sorry) this way in your pelvis. It sits in your pelvic region, and you have your pelvic muscles surrounding it, your ovaries are up here.  This is how your uterus is.  Sometimes, your uterus can get tilted forward or it can be backwards, or curved a little this way or this way.  So, Maya Abdominal Massage slowly works and gets your uterus back to where it should be, seated right in the pelvis and really just nice and snug, so that it’s not tilted one way or another, too far forward or too far back.  It really keeps to getting it snug right there where it should be.  It also works on any of those adhesions around that you hear are endometriosis that may get close to your uterus and impact your fertility.  It also works with your intestines and your colon to help you realign those and to help any digestion problems that you may have.  A lot of people that suffer from IBS, reflux or any of those GI problems notice some improvement after utilizing this. It is also important to note that it is for men and women.  It’s not just the females, because a lot of stuff is going on in the males as well.  It can help with reproduction and GI problems with men at the same time as with women.

So you have the massage, she’s going through, she’s doing the massage on you herself, and then at the end, she teaches you how to do it.  You do it for her so she can check and make sure you’re doing it the right way.  So what you’re really doing is utilizing your hands in certain motions to help drive home, really do the massage every day and take time to realign all of those muscles and those great organs and energy in your abdomen.  Now, some of our patients have had great results from this. They find it relaxing, they find it nice to spend ten minutes a day just working on their abdomen and focusing on it and sending it some good, positive energy and love down there.  I’ve kept up with it and I really enjoy it.  I’ve found that I don’t notice those adhesions as much, I’ve noticed GI help from it, and just overall I really enjoy doing it.  I find it very soothing; andI find it very comforting to do.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I’d love to go more into my experience with it.  Any of our practitoners can also help you out with it, if you have any questions.  We recommend Maya Abdominal Massage for just about everyone.  It is good to do at any time up until the point where you may be pregnant.  So that would be transferIUI, timed of course.  If you may be pregnant, then of course, it’s the time to stop because you don’t want to be putting too much pressure down there and moving things around.  Up until that point, feel free to use it.

If you have any questions about your particular cycle or your medical history with the Maya Abdominal Massage, please feel free to ask.  Don’t ever feel like you’re in the dark, or that you’re doing this on your own.  This is another great tool, I hope you try it.  Good luck!