Video: Baby Success Stories and Fertility Support Connections



Hi, my name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  Earlier this week, in my Words of Support and Encouragement article, I talked about the great success of our Success Stories program.  Now, recently, we’ve been asking for previous clients who have successfully conceived with our center to offer their support to clients who are just starting their journey or are maybe on their journey and are reaching a little bit of a rough patch.  This has been a great resource for many of our clients and we’ve had such an overwhelming response that we’re so proud of it.

I continue to encourage you to continue sending me your stories.  We hopefully, will get as many people matched up as possible.  We do have quite a few women waiting to meet up with Success Stories who have used donor eggs to conceive.  That is something that you really can help with if you’ve were successful with donor eggs and you’d like to share a couple words of support and encouragement to one of our other clients. {{vspace8}}
This is also a great, free support program for you.  If you’re looking for a little bit of support, but finances are a little tough right now, this is a great way for you to get out there speaking with someone and trying to support your cycle as best possible.  Additionally, we have our Fertile Friends program and our Circle of Hope Support Group and webinars.  So, there are many ways for you to supplement your support on a very low budget.  Of course, we’d love for you to be able to do yoga, acupuncture, and massage because we do feel that they are important to your cycle and can really influence the outcome of your cycle; but if you’re just unable to do that, that’s OK too.  We really have a great center at our CNY Healing Arts Center, as well as in Rochester and Albany.  In Syracuse recently, we’ve really made some wonderful updates.  We’ve changed our CNY Healing Arts Center around, even to our new building in the back. {{vspace8}}
I encourage you to spend some time and just browse the grounds.  Grab a cup of tea or coffee after or before your appointment and take some time to follow the path along the back of the building.  You can enjoy the ponds or you can go into CNY Healing Arts.  There are great seating areas just to relax with nice, peaceful music and low lights and comfortable couches.  There’s wonderful reading material around.  Many of our positive thinking books, Dr. Kiltz’s
The Fertile Secret and his new book, The Art of Living with Intent book is there as well.  Even if you’re unable to purchase those right now, you can take a look and flip through them and make this a time set aside just for you, just to help you through your cycle, and to really nurture yourself.{{vspace8}}
Additionally, we have our great meditation room upstairs at CNY Healing Arts.  The receptionist at the front desk at CNY Healing Arts can direct you to.  The next time you’re at our center, utilize some of these free opportunities if you’re facing some challenges with finances right now.  When you’re able to, definitely take a look at our yoga, acupuncture, and massage because they do have wonderful benefits for your fertility, and your overall well-being and Dr. Kiltz highly recommends them.{{vspace8}}
If you have any questions or you’d like to see any other support opportunities, please let me know.  Our Success Stories and our Fertile Friends programs really were created by you, as well as our Circle of Hope Support group.  You noticed that there was a need, you spoke up, and we responded.  Always let us know what you’re thinking.  If there are any other support opportunities that you’d like to see, we will always create them for you.{{vspace8}}
Have a great week!

Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator