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Here at CNY Fertility, we are dedicated to bringing you the world’s most affordable high-quality fertility solutions.  In addition to working with most insurance providers, our affordable self-pay options, in-house financing, Fertile Guarantee Program, and IVF Giveaways, we would like for all of our clients to consider the many outside options available to them.  This is by no means an exhaustive list and we encourage you to please send us new and exciting opportunities that you find so that we may continue to expand our list and be of further assistance to those like you.  Please understand that we have no control over the distribution of these funds so please direct all of your questions about the programs to the relevant 3rd party.

Fertility Lifelines: Fertility Lifelines is not only a great resource but also provide fertility clients with additional financing options.

  • The Compassionate Care Program offers self-pay clients, those with no insurance or fertility coverage pay for their Gonal F, Cetrotide and Ovidrel medications. CNY Fertility encourages all clients without insurance coverage to apply for this program. For more information or to apply online, please visit their website: Compassionate Care Program.
  • The Compassionate Corps Program offers military veterans with service injuries an additional option to help finance their fertility medications.  For more information or to apply online, please visit Compassionate Corps Program.the

Fertility by Design: Fertility by Design, is another great resource to those seeking fertility care and similarly offers a few different programs for self-pay clients, those affected by cancer, and military veterans. For more information on these programs, please click on the link above.

The MORE MasterCard®: the MORE MasterCard is just one more solution to help ease the stress of out-of-pocket expenses with no annual or hidden fees with some additional benefits.

Make same day healthcare purchases upon approval

• Get promotional APR on fertility treatment expenses over $499

• Earn unlimited 2% cash back on fertility treatment expenses $499 and under

Complete the simple online application for the MORE MasterCard® to cover the costs of your care and take advantage of this exclusive financing opportunity.

Click here or on the image below to Apply Today! *Terms & Conditions

Peer to Peer lending and Crowdfunding: Although we do not have much experience with individuals using peer to peer lending and crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe it is certainly an option for you to explore should additional financing be needed.

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