The Tributary of Life
Posted by: admin on Feb 01, 2016 in extra

Good Morning, Good Morning.  This is Dr. Rob Kiltz on another awesome and amazing day.  How are you doing today?

It’s another perfect day in the universe.  Cloudy, sunny, rainy, snowy, warm or cold, they’re all perfect. They’re God’s gift called life.  Sit still and contemplate the beauty of life today.  Troubles are part of the tributary of life.  The tributary is where all of the energy in the universe comes to fuel life with all that is new, creative, amazing and different.  Be a human being.  Joy, love, faith, patience, anger, hatred, good, bad, ugly, beauty – that’s life, all of it.  Have faith in His way, God’s way.  He knows what he’s doing.

On the creative journey of the universe, He’s always moving at life speed, always.  Take a breath and hold the smile in His way, simply being in the joy of the light of life.  Feel the breath of love within your heart, within your life, within your day, within your creative powers of the universe, as the universe is what each of us believes it to be, for belief is the creative nature of God.  A breath and smile begins the day.  God Bless to you.

-Dr. Rob

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