The Presence Process by Michael Brown


The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness
Michael Brown
This month, Dr. Kiltz has chosen The Presence Process for our Book of the Month.  This book details a specific method of achieving mindfulness and peace in the present moment.
The author, Michael Brown, was diagnosed with a painful neurological disorder a few years ago. When conventional medical treatments failed to alleviate his pain and symptoms, he turned to alternative practices.  During a traditional Native American sweat lodge ritual, Brown felt relief from pain, and a new level of consciousness.  While he recognizes that it is not realistic for everyone to have similar experiences to his, he has created a 10 week process to help his readers obtain the same level of mindfulness and peace.
The 10 week process is intended to utilize a specific pattern of breath, intention, and a short reading, to help you work though imprinted emotions.  These imprinted, or buried, emotions are what Brown feels cause the discomfort, anxiety, and depression that are commonly experienced.  By working through these emotions and specific events in our past, we should be able to attain a greater awareness and acceptance of the present.  This will then alleviate the many ailments that we experience.
Each week has a clearly identified intention and thought process.  While time intensive, it is not challenging.  The process brings awareness to the breath, emotions, and body.  It would be an interesting addition to anyone’s daily meditation!  The author also has a corresponding website, that gives more information and multiple media files.  You may want to check in with the website, before buying the book, and you can find it here:

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  1. Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones says:

    I have been doing the Presence Process every year for the past few years and I can’t express how it has changed my life! I have read countless books about “being present” or being “here, now” were inspiring, but they didn’t have any lasting impact on my life. The Presence Process gave me practical, hands-on tools to becoming more present, peaceful and joyful. It really works! Thank you, Michael Brown!

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