The human diamond


Hello and good morning, it’s Dr. Rob Kiltz. How are you doing today? It’s another awesome and amazing day in the universe. As we begin the thinking and the conscious day, we create and unfold our day. How do you want to unfold your day? How do YOU want to unfold and make your day a better day? We are alive. Remember, the miracle was birth and the inevitable is death. While you are in the alive category, how do you open up your opportunities of life?
elijah-hiett-240333Begin the day with a breath. In through the nose, hold it, and out with a smile through the mouth. In through the nose; out through the mouth. Make it with a smile and “thank you God for the day.” This is how to start your day, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you’re experiencing in life. This is the beginning of your day—a beautiful, awesome and amazing day. That’s the simple unfolding of the universe. Thank you God for the day.
That’s how I begin this day, every day. Yes, we’ve all tripped, faltered and failed. Had set backs, hit dead ends, been unable to hit that simple slow ball. Strike out every time. And there’s that occasional curve ball we slam out of the park. It’s a day. What matters in the day is today. Not yesterday or tomorrow, but the beauty of today. How can you live and enjoy the day? Unfolding every day with the beauty of the day within you. You are the human Ferrari that’s an expensive, irreplaceable organism, more valuable than a Ferrari, a Bentley, a Porsche. More valuable than the richest piece of real estate in the world. More valuable than all of the diamonds in the universe. And rather than the seeking of the “stuff” to make us feel value, begin to imagine that YOU are the diamond, the beachfront real estate, the Ferrari, Bentley or Porsche or whatever you choose to see as the most valuable. You and I are that, all of us. There’s nothing more valuable than you. Not to be selfish, although we are selfish. It’s our ego.
Lots of air. A lot less water and food than we consume today. SLOW IT DOWN! That’s go slow. You are the flow of the universe. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. Slow it down. Turn that frown upside down. Put a smile on your face and enjoy the day for God has gifted you and I the beauty and perfection of today.
The mystery of life is the mystery of life. But the truth and reality is here we are, now how do you want to live your day? This is a global, universal experience, this thing called life. You and I are the experience of the universe. You and I are the creators of the universe. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and feelings. Every speck of the smallest energy particle that comes together to create the next largest particle and the next largest particle until we’ve created an atom, a molecule, a chemical, a living cell. And many cells come together to form an organ and an organism. To form you that interacts with this awesome and amazing universe and interacts in a life with hardships, troubles, opportunities, always working to make the grade. The test to compare, to be chosen, to be picked, to interact.
The real energy and vibration is creativity, and you’re already creating because the creation is you, the human being. We’re just simply being human, each and every one of us. Take a breath and smile, and slow it down. Breath and smile and slow it down. Go slow, for you are the flow. Remember, your body is all a function of your thinking mind. How you think about yourself, all others, and everything is what you create. Awesome and amazing, this and every day.
Yes, the universe knows how to change things. It’s always in the works of changing, changing, changing. Remember, life matters. You matter. We matter. All matters. Because it’s all simply matter. That means it’s something real that you and I can see, feel, touch, smell and interact with. We interact with the air, oxygen, water, and food sources. Our body digests the food, breaks it down into simple particles, takes them into the bloodstream and the lymphatics, and distributes them to the organs and the tissue. Amino acids and proteins . . . proteins are made up of amino acids and they’re broken down and taken to the liver and converted into sugar and fat, and utilized in building fat stores and other important molecules for cellular function and cellular structure. Carbohydrates, complex simple sugars, are broken down eventually into mostly carbon particles and converted into glycogen, but mostly to fat. Fat is the source of acetyl-CoA, which is the energy of your cells, not sugar.
The liver’s function is to convert amino acids and simple sugars to fatty acids that are stored in the liver and everywhere else in the body as a source of your energy. Both amino acids and simple sugars stimulate insulin, and insulin is the converter. Insulin is the most important hormone if you’re eating a high carb (or any carb) and protein/amino acid diet. But if you’re eating fat, that’s where it’s at. It goes right to the lymphatics and is distributed to every cell of the body and stored in the fat cells. It makes them plump, happy and energized. That’s survival! My bet is that meals were hard to find. If you didn’t get fat, you were dead. The fat gene is actually the best gene in the universe. It’s the survival gene.
Our biggest problem is that we are hyperglycemic. That means we are constantly eating carbs that secrete glucogenic molecules that are insulin stimulating. Those insulin stimulating molecules are the liver’s best friend. In order to make and store fat, survive the winters and the travelling, the lack of food, the need to walk and walk for hours, days, weeks and months, always on the move, your body is the amazing Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, diamond, ruby. Your body knows how to survive.
Keep it simple. Breath and smile every day. A little bit of water and Kiltz’s Keto Coffee, which is basically coffee with butter. Make it simple and dark, nothing special. Add cream to your tea. You must eat the fat because fat is where it’s at. If you’re fat, you’re fit. You’ve got enough energy for days, weeks, and maybe months. You can save on that. That’s right. We are meant to get fat and store fat. We’re meant to walk not run. We’re meant to smile, breathe and enjoy. And we’re meant to imagine the unimaginable. Our imagination is the creator of the cars, planes, boats, trains, and all of the medical advances, and stuff – television, the radio, the camera. But we still are driven toward those simple things: relationships, food, housing, and stuff that makes us look like we’re more, but we’re already more without the stuff. The body is mighty powerful. The immune system that created us, keeps us alive, repairs us, destroys us and will kill us.
As you begin the day, a breath and a smile. What are you reading? What are you listening to? If you understand and believe in God, then God is our power. God is our energy. God is us. Each and every one of us is God. Simply say, “Thank you God for this beautiful, awesome and amazing day. Thank you for the way. The breath and smile of life.”
The drive is to reproduce, to find food, to thrive and survive, grow and create. We get angry, mad, sad, disappointed, depressed, and anxious. We are actually meant, in some ways, to be anxious. We’re not meant to be in big crowds, running around, taking tests and being proven every day. The proof is in the us. We are already here. We’re already proven. Begin to imagine and know that you are a proven entity of life, a beautiful experience, and a great creator. God knows, always, the beauty and perfection of you. In little things this day, that’s all that’s required this day. If you haven’t read the Tao Te Ching, the Koran, the Holy Bible, read about Budda, Muhammed, Jesus, read about the infinite number of people who have shared thoughts and ideas in this universe since the dawn of time.
Begin to read. Begin to write and create the story. You are the story. Remember that. You are the life story and the life creator. Be awesome and amazing. If you haven’t read James Allen’s As A Man Thinketh. As a woman thinketh, as a human being thinketh, let us be forgiving, kind and generous every day. Be loving, kind and generous every day.
No matter who you are, where you are or what you are, we are always comparing, judging, thinking good and bad about ourselves and others. Stand still and know that I am perfect, awesome, amazing, good, bad, right, wrong, talented, not talented . . .whatever you choose to think today, that is how your day unfolds. That is the simple idea of reading the Bible, the Koran, the Tao Te Ching. If you haven’t read Deepak, Eckhart Tolle, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the little shepherd boy on his journey of life. That’s who you are. Male, female, child, adult, young or old, it doesn’t matter, you are the creator of this day. Where do you want to go and play in this day? What do you want to be in your creation? For life is all about YOU, my friend.
Wayne Dyer – one of my favorites. Louise Hay, another favorite. What inspires you? Is it painting, potting, sharing, connecting with a person or many people? Let me tell you, get rid of the alcohol, drugs, and heavy food intake. Slow it down. Write in your journal every day. And the first words are . . . “Thank you God for this day. I am blessed to be with you, among you and part of you.”
It’s a simple concept/idea as you begin the day. This is my 30-day plan, but it’s really just a life plan. As they say, the first step in that thousand-mile journey is the most important. Every day is another first step and every thought, breath, smile, and motion is another first step in your life. Yesterday is always a building block. The universe is always building for you, in you, with you. Always building. Always creating and making. Always sharing, growing and knowing.
The universe in you. The universe in you. Let us imagine and believe this awesome and amazing day is the perfect start to the day and the perfect start to life. If you’re moaning and groaning about not wanting to get up or go to work or do this or that, then there you go. That’s what you create. Vocation, vacation. Make them the same. Simply begin the thoughts of how this is an awesome and amazing day.
I’m here to share with you the creative. You and I are the creators. You and I are the makers. You and I are the future. That which you create today is the future of tomorrow and you built it on the yesterdays. You built it on all of yesterday. We learn from the successes and the failures, the right, the wrong, the good, the bad, the easy, and the hard. We learned how to forage, hunt, grow, modify and manipulate, package, process, ship, and save. This day is your perfect day, my friend.
Check out Darren Hardy. Check out Jack Canfield. Check out Tony Robbins. Check out any of the success coaches of the universe. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield was one that I felt was an inspiring success story. Also, Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.
Wherever you’re at and whatever you’re doing, the universe is up and down, and up and down, and up and down. It’s a wave of energy; it’s always moving. It’s not stagnant and not still. And it’s always in your favor. It’s always in your favor because the fact that you exist is the most amazing life force. The life force—as George Lucas in Star Wars gave us “the force be with you”. You are the force! You are the driver and director of everything in your force. You don’t need to force anything because the force of life is with you like a drop of water on granite. Over time it will bore a hole directly through it.
Patience, persistence and the practice of putting one foot in front of the other every single day. Remember, you are the life force. YOU are the creative one. You are! Be forgiving to others and to yourself. Look in the mirror this and every day and say thank you God for this awesome and amazing day and how grateful I am.
These are simple, repetitive concepts. As you breathe in repetition your blood flows and your heart beats in repetition. Remember, everything wears out over time. Fat is the fuel for every cell in your body. Glucose and amino acids are also sources of creating fat in the liver. Variety is the spice of disease. Narrow as an arrow will hit the target every time. Remember, you’re the bow and the arrow. That which you focus on comes true. You and I are the creators of our day, of our moments, of our lives and the people in our lives. We create them! If we constantly complain about anything or anyone—and I know I have been responsible for that. Please forgive me for that for now I know the good Lord is always working in my favor with all of those who have come to me in my life to share, to learn, to create, and to grow.
Let us enjoy this beautiful, awesome and amazing life with all of the trials, tribulations, and opportunities. We are on the stepping stones of life. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every moment, every flash of God’s creative nature is with you, in you, of you. Let us all be grateful for the everything of everything and somehow the nothing of nothing. But there is no such thing as nothing, because it takes something to even think of nothing. We must realize, understand, and know that this beautiful gift called life, the miracle. The physical nature of the universe for each human being will shift and change into a spiritual nature, an eternal spiritual energy. Remember the opportunity. What are you going to do with it, this day and every day?
Greet someone with a smile. Start with yourself and all others within your life. With the smile of life, we are here to create in God’s love, and you are God’s love. Think more positive thoughts. Read more positive things. When you see something hard, nasty, angry, or ugly, imagine God’s hand at work in that too. God Bless. God Bless. That’s God’s love energy on others within each of us. God Bless you, them, us, all in this world and forgive me if I may have said or done anything to harm or hurt you. I did not understand. Maybe that’s the part for each of us. We react and move and see things in a very reactive nature.
Breath and smile, and slow it down. Remember you and I are the energy of the universe. We are the gift of God’s creative nature. Remember: read something today of joy. Think of something joyful, kind, loving, helpful to others. Remember: Go slow. You are the flow of the universe. You are the creativeness of the universe. Each of us. On this awesome and amazing journey called life.
Check out Mind Body Smile for daily intentions and Dr. Rob Kiltz’s intention book. It’s just a book with thoughts and ideas I put together with the help of others. It’s stories. It’s words and pictures. We’re all learning from others, sharing and creating together. Remember, you are the human Ferrari / diamond/ gem/ Bentley / Porsche. You are the most irreplaceable and valuable. How do you choose to take care of your body this day and every day?
God bless you!
~Dr. Rob Kiltz

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