The high cost of increasing age and FSH in IVF treatment

This article is provided for patients who are trying to conceive and have concerns regarding the potential cost- effectiveness of IVF. It is written for patients who have an understanding of the basic concepts being discussed. For explanation of the significance of FSH values, please see articles on this website on IVF and prognosis, and low response. At CNY Fertility Centers, access to care is a concern addressed by offering low cost IVF options in Syracuse, New York, Rochester NY and Albany NY.

The age of a woman who is trying to get pregnant with IVF and her ovarian reserve as reflected in day 3 FSH values are good predictors of IVF outcomes. Henne and colleagues at Walter Reed Hospital and the NIH evaluated 1238 first IVF cycles of women between age 26 and 42 years and an FSH level of <13 miu/ml.  A cost analysis was applied and focused on these patients who by normal standard were good prognosis. Patients need to understand that statistics for overall success even with a specific age group may not apply if the FSH is higher than 12 as results would be even worse. At a cost of $10,803 per cycle costs soared to over $100,000 per baby born as FSH and age of the patient increased over age 38-39.
This is not surprising as Voorhis had estimated cost per baby of $89,981 for patients over 38. Trad calculated the cost to be about $75,000. Neumann, who used very low success rates estimated that in low prognosis patients, costs per baby could be as high as $800,000.

For comparison and for patients concerned about the high cost of donor egg treatment the delivery rates of the alternative must be considered. At a cost of $25,000 per cycle, and delivery rate of 51%, the cost per baby is $49,000. These costs will be dropping rapidly as egg banking becomes widely available. As a woman’s predicted delivery rate falls below 10%, the donor egg option becomes favored treatment economically. CNY Fertility Center offers multiple options to make IVF and donor eggs more affordable including a refund program for IVF and donor egg IVF, 0% financing, six cycle discount program, and Fall IVF specials.

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