The Fertile Secret: Nutrition for Fertility – Spices

spices and fertilityWhen following a fertility diet, something you might consider is to spice it up!  Using certain, ordinary kitchen spices may be helpful on the journey toward conception.
Variety is the spice of life and adding a variety of spices to your diet helps to shake it up.  Try adding different spices to your food as a substitute for salt or sugar.  It’s beneficial for most people to cut down on their salt and sugar intake. By cutting down salt and sugar, we can help reduce our blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar.  Spices also offer a great opportunity to add antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients to our diets without adding extra calories!  There are other benefits as well.
For women who are challenged with endometriosis, adding Curcumin which can be found in the spice turmeric (and gives the spice its beautiful, bright, yellow color) can decrease inflammation.  It is a member of the ginger family.  Adding Tumeric to recipes can stimulate the blood flow and helps to regulate menstrual flow.  Poor blood flow throughout the reproductive organs can result in endometriosis and cysts.
Eating foods flavored with the spice Cinnamon can bring relief for women with PCOS because its properties help to regulate insulin levels and blood sugar.  Once the blood sugar is stabilized, PCOS symptoms often start to improve.  Just a half a teaspoon per day can be beneficial.  Eastern belief has it that adding cinnamon and other “warming” foods to the diet can help the body prepare for childbirth.  This concept uses the idea that cold foods make the body work harder, which in turn makes the energy go into warming the body, instead of healing the body.
Garlic powder is another excellent anti-inflammatory spice that can help with ovarian cysts and endometrial tissue, as well as adding a great deal of flavor to dishes!
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