The Fertile Secret: Guide to Living Your Fertille Life


This month we looked at Dr. Kiltz’s The Fertile Secret: Guide to Living Your Fertile Life.  This book is an amazing tool, covering many ways to support and enhance fertility.  Each chapter highlights a different way to take control of our fertility, while offering exercises to help us on our journey.  This month, I have selected one exercise from the chapter Fertile Technique (p. 48) that is particularly helpful to those discerning their next step.  This exercise is a great way to take a look at where you are on your journey and create a plan for the next year:
As you are beginning to discern the path of your medical treatment, always remember to listen to your natural and inherent voice.  Place yourself in the moment of choosing a path, and listen to what your mind, body, and spirit are communicating to you.  Do you feel anxious?  Are you excited?  Optimistic?  These thoughts and emotions are great indicators of how you will feel when you begin down that particular journey.  It is true that there are many paths that may fit your needs, but you are not expected to assess and choose these paths by yourself.
When you are preparing for your consultation, take some time to review potential scenarios such as IUI, IVF, and Donor gametes or embryos.  While you may not need as much support as these options offer, it is a good idea to mentally prepare your list of procedures that you feel comfortable with, ones you would consider, and ones that are currently off the table.  Keeping in mind that this list is not permanent and you can change it at any time, what stands out as stretching beyond your comfort level?  Where would you like to begin?  Let’s conclude this section by exploring your options and creating a roadmap for your journey.  Be patient, remember that you are worth it, and that you are naturally perfect, beautiful, and fertile.
Marking Your Journey

Beginning with an honest conversation with yourself and your partner, this exercise is designed to help you feel secure and prepared for the next step of your journey.  Take the time to complete the following questions on your own (both of you, if possible) and then together.
My Vision
Where do you see yourself?  What is the dream you are working towards?
This Moment
Where are you, right now?  Are you satisfied?
My Choices
If you have been unable to conceive with the current protocol, what changes would you be willing to make?  What options are you willing/unwilling to consider? (IUI, IVF, Donor Egg/Sperm/Embryo…)
I would try…

I would consider…

At this moment, I am not willing to consider…

My Time
If I have not successfully conceived at the following time intervals, I will make the following physical, emotional, spiritual changes:
Three months…

Six months…

One year…