The Effect of Exercise on Fertility

Moderate, low-impact exercise can have a healthy, positive impact on our bodies and fertility.  Each person is different in terms of how much exercise and which type of exercise can be done to improve the fertility process.  An exercise program should be discussed with your physician to best suit your needs.  Factors such as age, current activity level, and BMI (body mass index) all must be taken into consideration.  For example, too little exercise with a high BMI can negatively impact fertility as well as someone who has a low BMI but your exercise regimen is “hard core”.  Yoga, however, provides a wonderful balance, and is a gentle exercise for all people to help the body, mind, and spirit.
Low-impact exercise such as yoga can increase blood flow to the reproductive organs (the ovaries and the uterus).  The gentle stretching can also help to stimulate energy to these places to increase their productivity.
Stress can impact the body and can negatively affect ovulation and menstruation.  Using exercise such as yoga plays a vital part on reducing stress.  When under stress, the body produces stress hormones such as cortisol (“the fight or flight” hormone) and epinephrine.  Cortisol is necessary in the body’s response to stress and helps to keep us safe from danger.  However, it’s important to find something to something relaxing to bring these levels back down to normal.  When we have a lot that we are stressed about, and there’s excess cortisol present in the body, it is known as chronic stress.  This excess cortisol can greatly slow down the production of sex hormones needed for pregnancy.  Stress can also effect the ovulation cycle.
After a low-impact exercise such as yoga, you just “feel” great!  It offers a peaceful time to be in the moment and to relax.  When the mind relaxes, the body benefits greatly.
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