The Donor Program: Defined by Love

A family is defined by love.  At CNY Fertility Center, we create a beautiful spectrum of loving, blossoming families.  While each family develops along their own path, the end result is similar.  Whether you conceive naturally, with donor eggs/embryos/sperm, or you adopt, the creation of family is dependant on the love you give.

Sometimes, our potential donor egg and embryo recipients express concerns that they will not feel a natural maternal/paternal connection with the child.  This is a valid, and common concern.  The most beautiful aspect of the Donor Program (PRIDE (PRegnancy Initiation with Donated Eggs) or Embryo Donation) is watching these concerns become a fleeting memory, often with the first positive pregnancy test.  Prior to conception there may be some apprehension, but when you feel those first kicks and flutters, the questions vanish.

The PRIDE and Donor Embryo programs are able to give our patients the gift of those very special 9 months prior to birth.  This is a wonderful time of excitement, in anticipation of your newest family member.  When your child’s birth day comes, you will meet not a stranger, but the son or daughter you have loved and nurtured for almost a year.  They will know the sound of your voice, and immediately recognize skin-to-skin contact and wonderful smell, as ‘mom’.  That little bundle of love is yours, and here in this great big world thanks to you.

In those first few moments after delivery, any thought of the donor has vanished.  You have your family to care for, and that is all that matters.  Two big beautiful eyes will be staring up at you, and they belong to the little one that will call you ‘mom’ or ‘dad’.  In that moment, any thought the child may have of his or her donated origin is nonexistent.  Your love enabled that child to be, carried him/her through those first 9 months, and created a warm home to return to.  All distinctions between donor, natural, and adopted become blurry.  All because love, not shared DNA, defines a family.

If you are interested in the PRIDE and/or Embryo Donation programs, and would like to learn more about how you could either donate or become a recipient, please contact our Donor Coordinators:
You may contact the Syracuse team by calling 800.539.9870 (toll free)
Or via email:
Pati Breh:
Stephanie Rogers:
Kari Gardner:
You may also contact Chris Gray, our Donor Coordinator located at the Albany office:  866.375.4589 (toll free) or via email:

We look forward to hearing from you, and creating the family you have always wanted.
Our donation team would be happy to further explain the cycles available to you.  Please visit our website for more information: