The CNY Fertile 30-Day Challenge

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That’s the 30-Day Challenge to begin the change. Not just to simply do this for 30 days and then give it up. What we are doing is changing habits. Improving what goes on in our lives by changing what goes on in our minds, what we put in our mouths, how we move our bodies, and how to improve our fertility, our health and wellness, and our lives.

dr. robIt is all a challenge. Nothing is truly easy. That which you begin for one day, all you can do is do it in that one day. As you begin to do it each new day, there are inspiration and ideas that will help you see the power of your mind, the power to change your mind and your body. The master – you—must care for the human Ferrari—that’s the expensive, beautiful, irreplaceable human body. You and I, all of us, are more valuable than a Ferrari. It is now time for us to begin taking care of our bodies, minds, and lives like that Ferrari that we would care for gingerly and masterfully. Not just one or two days a month, but every day. Learning to keep it pristine clean in and out. Change the oil and only use the very best oil and gasoline. We would not race around town or the track. We would use it and move it appropriately to ensure its longevity. That’s the beauty of the human body. The human body is a Ferrari.

The 30-Day Challenge is to inspire you to simply begin to change. The amazing part is that we focus so much on what’s wrong in the world, and we place “healthy” food into our mouths to fuel our bodies, but it may turn out that the opposite is true about what we spend our time thinking about and putting in our mouths. We must begin to recognize the benefits of limiting what we place into our bodies, being very narrow and specific. The arrow that’s narrow and focused will hit the center of the target. If we’re distracted by “super-marketing” and the supermarkets selling the super variety of foods, that becomes a problem. We’ve been convinced of the health benefits of eating fruits, fiber, and vegetables, eating variety of foods and in excessive amounts. It’s very simple: variety and excess kills on all spectrums.

We need to be listening and learning something new, upbeat and positive, and focusing on that this and every day.

How you move your body affects your entire health. It is very likely that less is more. Exercise is likely not the key to wellness. Simply Light stretching and light motion each and every day. Move with the purpose of creativity, that’s what this is about. We begin the day with vibrant, beautiful meditation. The breath and smile. Hold love for thyself and all others.

The human body is simply run on fat. The complexity of the details can be overwhelming, but it’s really very simple. We need a lot of air, a little water, and a lot less food. Intermittent fasting, where you eat once or twice at most during the day, if not less, is key. The fuel tank, that’s the fat in our body, is the only fuel syphon to the mighty mitochondria. Fatty acids break down to acetyl CoA, which provides the ATP to run all cellular mechanisms. It’s making “stuff” and moving “stuff”. It’s simple.

There are a lot of diets out there. I call them “die-ets” or “die-gestion” because boy, it’s achy and breaky and painful. This idea of whole, clean, organic, etc. may be a little bit of misdirection. The idea that we have terms of good and bad, healthy and not healthy, and are constantly told that variety and sides are the spice of life is really misguided. They may be the spice of death!

It is really a simple story. Oxidative damage–heat, friction, and radiation– to the body are all harmful. Inappropriate thinking or bad thinking, will begin to erode the body. The challenge is to have hope and faith every day. Believe and know the universe has your back. The gastrointestinal tract is digesting complex carbohydrates, fiber, fruits, vegetables, protein, and very little fats. It’s taking all of those plant molecules, chemicals, plant antigens and these chemicals may help us, hurt us, or be neutral or the plant antigens may also illicit an immunological reaction and cause allergic reactions first in the gut. Most of all these carbohydrates and plant material break down into sugar, which feeds bacteria, yeast and other microorganism that in their break down (their metabolism) create alcohol, aldehyde, methane gas, and CO2 gas.

The heat, alcohol, aldehydes and gases are all dangerous to our bodies. They damage the cellular structure of the gastrointestinal tract—the mucosal layer, which is very delicate. It then seeps into the interstitial spaces and damages them. It creates a leaky gut that allows even more to flow into the body, into the bloodstream and the lymphatics, which is simply carried the dust and dirt of the foods we eat with the microorganisms are transported everywhere in our bodies.

The story is as simple as can be. The challenge is to change it and begin to understand that fat is the fuel and that is it. All glucose, all proteins—that is the simple sugars and the proteins that break down into amino acids, which are important building blocks for the body, but in far less amounts than you ever imagined. The amino acids and simple sugars are carried directly to the liver where the liver’s job is to convert them mostly to fat, maybe a little bit of stored glycogen, and creating other molecules that are important for the normal function of the body. In fact, the majority of the complications of our body are due to excess glucose, excess protein and excess molecules and antigens that damage our body.nThe body has plenty of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and co-factors.

One of the leading causes of these deficits is lack of eating fatty red meat–liver, bone marrow, and shying away from butter fat, cream, and eggs. Our allergies are likely due to those antigens in the food and in the animal meat, if that’s the case. Today is the day to begin the change.

Breakfast is not the best meal of the day. It begins the digestion over and over again. As you fill the gastrointestinal tract with more carbohydrates, (that’s “healthy” fruit, fiber, vegetables, seeds, nuts, seed oil, and seed extract, which is essentially sugar and the seed oils oxidize when exposed to oxygen) they harden and become rancid over time.

This idea is simple (again), but hard to believe that this healthy food we’ve been convinced to eat is actually not. The cooking of the carbs actually helps to kill the bacteria, yeast, and microorganisms. The simplification of the product also helps its digestion. The fiber fuels bacteria and yeast to ferment more and damage the body, our Ferrari. This is the challenge: to understand that fat is our friend and we get fat for a reason. But the poisons we’ve been led to believe are healthy for us are actually the cause of the damage and disease.

Yes! Oats, grains, grass, fruits, fiber, vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, mushrooms, all of these molecules that are harmful come from these complex foods which ultimately are the damaging products to our bodies.

The human Ferrari needs to go slow and only the best every day. To eat only fat and a little bit of protein may be all your body really needs. If you are “overweight”, you are prepared for a famine and could go long stretches without food. But likely in the scheme of the universe and the time of man’s existence, we spent very little time significantly obese.

We store fat in the liver, the subcutaneous tissue, between muscle layers, blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerves. Fat is the super fuel of the body. It is the only fuel that is actually directly injected into the mitochondria at every cellular level. Glucose in the liver is converted into fat and so are amino acids in general. That’s where we get the Ferrari fuel. And yes, we convert those carbs and eating them is harmful mostly in the long-term, but the short-terms gets us in the allergic reactions and in the fermentation in the gut. When you read about glycation—that’s when simple sugar molecules, such as fructose or glucose, become attached to proteins or lipid fats without the moderation of an enzyme. This results in the formation of rogue molecules and creates a dysfunctional product. It causes inflammation, damage and death to the cell. That inflammation incited by these products filters throughout our bodies. The recommendation to each fruits, fibers, vegetables and lean meats, actually may be damaging and deadly to your body. This is the amazing Ferrari story.

We have blindly been guided to consume mostly foods that are damaging and dangerous to our bodies both the highly contaminated food, whether its organic or inorganic in its production, and the extensively processed foods that are packaged and contain mostly sugar. The claims of health and wellness put forth by many foods are likely incorrect.

The human Ferrari can do really well on one meal a day at night before bed. To rest and digest and bring the blood flow to your gastrointestinal tracts while you listen to something upbeat and positive. Recognize that the fat we carry is the super fuel. The more exercise, heat, and friction created damages the body. Go slow is the trick of life. Show off the Ferrari from time to time, but light and easy is the game. Stretch, move with a purpose, paint, sing, dance, build. Do something new and different.

The key to fertility is a ketogenic lifestyle. It’s also about consuming high fat and reducing the carbs and the timing of the food. We are not grazing animals. We are like a lion or an eagle, eating from time to time and not grazing all the time. The more you put into the burner, the more it burns. That burning is damaging, like a heating pad on your skin all the time. Cool it down and slow it down.

Your daily food plan should be very boring and narrow. That’s the trick and key of life. Narrow as an arrow will hit the target every time. And you are the Ferrari.

There are so many ideas out there about what is right or wrong, good or bad. It’s really difficult to understand. Fat is your friend. It’s survival. Know that.

The Simple Practice:

Begin the day with meditation, yoga, prayer, or tai chi. Read or listen to something uplifting and positive every day. Write and journal positive and uplifting thoughts this and every day. SLOW IT DOWN. Drink coffee, tea, and water with cream or butter in the coffee or tea. Eliminate the cereal, the bars, the shakes, the smoothies. Begin to understand that the bodybis already carrying the fuel it needs. Add the cream, butter, eggs, eliminate the fiber, reduce the fruit and vegetables, cook them down and spread them out. 12-14 hours between meals, that’s our next level, but it is a practice to build the strength of the Ferrari, the lion, or eagle. Your body already has all of the components of health and wellness. Stop putting in the toxic and dangerous foods. It’s a simple concept and idea. Health and wellness is built in LESS, much less.

Bacon, eggs, butter, beef. YES. Fatty meat. Fat suppresses inflammation in your body. It suppresses appetite and does not stimulate insulin. All fat goes to the lymphatics and goes to all parts of your body, distributed and deposited where it is then syphoned for the mitochondria for the fuel for those cells. The fiber, fruit, vegetables, molecules, bacteria, yeast, microorganisms all become toxic and damage, and your body is fighting to heal. Then you add all of the molecules and chemicals that damage our bodies, and you’re always needing to go the mechanic (the doctor) for pills, shots, and potions. SLOW IT DOWN. This is the trick. LESS IS MORE. As you practice your health and wellness today.

The is Dr. Rob Kiltz sharing some thoughts and ideas for how to change your life, your Ferrari to make it sound, move, hum and feel as it’s meant to be. Check out,,, and God bless. Enjoy this awesome and amazing day.