The Broken Road Led To A Miracle
Posted by: admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Success Stories

Contributed by Rachel Heilig

rachelheiligstory.jpgMy husband & I were married 8 years ago. I was 28 at the time and we had talked about having children in the near future (we just wanted the first year to get familiarized with the married life!) By the time I had turned 30, I was pregnant. YEAH!! We celebrated by inviting both sets of parents over for dessert, it was a cake that said: GUESS WHAT…YOU ARE GRANDPARENTS—Wow, did the tears start to shed.

About 3 weeks later I had an unbearable pain in my stomach and within minutes, I had a miscarriage…we were destroyed! 3 years later, we met Dr. Kiltz (a friend of mine who had a set of beautiful girl twins told me that he is the Maker of Miracles. Although we were skeptical, we shortly came to realize that this title is deserving.

Once again we told both sets of grandparents that we were having a baby and as my father gave me a big grizzly bear hug he said to me “I am so happy, my heart can never have enough room for my grandchildren; and his tears shed once more (this time they were happy tears).

The day after we told my dad we were pregnant, he passed away unexpectedly. This was the hardest time in my life and now our precious little Zachary is in our lives and we know that Grampy is watching over him.

Thank you to the wonderful and caring staff @ CNY Fertility and to Dr. Kiltz, the Maker of Miracles!

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