Thank You CNY
Posted by: Editor on Apr 30, 2013 in News, Success Stories

We wanted to have a good sized family but it took us a few years to have our first child. A beautiful little girl. We decided it might take a little longer than we thought, so we started right away trying for another. After about 11 years and many failed IUI’s (which is all that my ins. would cover), we were finally able to get ins. that covered IVF. Our Dr.told us to go to CNY and we are glad we did. After a few tries we were pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy. It took me a little while … I was hoping this was not a dream, that I would wake up one morning and have my dreams shattered. But he is a year old and a very happy and healthy baby. His big sister loves him so much she doesn’t mind him getting into her stuff or jumping on her. We are so grateful that you could help us bring this joy into our lives.


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