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Good morning, good morning, it’s Dr. Rob Kiltz. How are you doing? It’s another awesome and amazing day in the universe. There’s a new study out that stents – cardiac vessel stents that help open up the vessels to prevent the clogging of the arteries – do not reduce pain for patients suffering from heart disease and angina, and that a placebo may work just as well. The search for new drugs is out there.
Maybe many of the interventions that we provide as physicians don’t really work quite as well as we thought. Maybe the placebo is more powerful than we understand. That’s the belief and faith in the “the thing.” And yet, maybe even the subconscious mind does the work, and you and I don’t even have to believe in it. The fact that we do something often creates the outcome we desire. That’s what it’s meant to be. It’s an interesting idea.
As a fertility specialist, I’m seeing remarkable results as more and more of my patients and many patients around the world do the ketogenic cure [I’m calling it “Kiltz’s Keto Cure”]. The keto diet has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years along with the paleo diet, which is a fatty meat diet with some carbs and limited fruits. Remember many of these things were only seasonally available, but now they are always available. Yes, the drive is to eat, and it’s powerful! The drive is to fix pain. The emotions drive us and push us into motion. Without emotions, without fear, anxiety and depression, we would lie on a couch and do nothing. But life is not meant to do nothing. It’s meant to get up and move. But it’s not meant to do it at a speedy pace. It’s a step, and a step, and a step. You’re a walker. We’re not a runner, jogger, elliptical or spinner. We’re not a crazy lifter, lifter, lifter. Slowing it down is really the most important thing we need to be doing each and every day.
The Keto Cure, which is basically a high fat, low protein, zero carb diet – but it’s a ‘live-it” plan and we’re calling it the “Lion King” plan. It’s a life plan. It’s not just a temporary weight loss plan. It’s not meant to be a weight loss plan. The body intends to store fat because fat is the only fuel for our bodies. We do not burn glucose. We do not convert from glucose to fat and go from non-ketosis to ketosis. In fact, we are always in ketogenic burning because Acetyl-CoA is the fuel for the mitochondria. I know it’s crazy! Those people who go on these weight loss diets (and there are millions of them), often lose the weight (I have been there), but they gain it back because they go back to “carbo-caine”. Bad! Interestingly enough, with all that surgical treatment for weight loss, five years after surgery, many of them are back to their old weight or even more, and the complications are many.
What we’re learning to do is slow down the body; direct the mind; and use the positive thoughts of that which you desire. See them and believe them as if they’re there, including the reduction of chest pain. We should be intermittently feasting (not fasting). We should be eating one meal a day or less and it should be a high fat/low protein/zero carb. It should not be packaged or processed by anything but nature.
I know it seems crazy, but leafy vegetables are natures toilet paper. I know it sounds crazy. I, too, have salad every so often (rarely) and green vegetables every so often (rarely). I’m going to have a white potato, which is nature’s creation and it’s pristine and clean. Same with fatty ribeye—meat. Bone marrow, liver, cream, butter, eggs. I call it The BEBE Diet: bacon, eggs, butter, beef. But it’s a BABY plan because I’m a fertility specialist and helping so many couples conceive naturally and improve their odds with fertility treatments. That is sperm improves, ovarian reserve improves, blood flow improves to the ovaries, the testes, and the uterus. The fallopian tubes even heal and open. Endometriosis is reduced.
These are interesting concepts and ideas that I didn’t believe at first. We think we know how the human body works, but my bet is we are wrong. My bet is #1 – the liver is the most important organ in the body. Its primary function is to make fat. Fat is fuel; fat is fit; and there’s no disease from obesity. Obesity is just that signal that you are an over-consumer of carbs. Interestingly enough, we do NOT require even one carbohydrate to be consumed because our bodies make glucose. Exactly what glucose is for, I’m not sure even I understand, but I do know this: If you’re liver cannot make fat, you are dead. Simple as that.
Interestingly enough, protein breaks down into amino acids in the gut and are converted into sugar in the liver and then into fat in the liver, because that is the function of the liver: to convert glucose (ALL carbs – salad, Brussel’s sprouts, asparagus, broccoli). These carbs create a hyperglycemic environment in the 80-120 range. My bet is that constant hyperglycemic environment causes glycation of the vessels, damage from glycation causes inflammation and break down of the cells. And since all cells are made of one thing called fat, fat comes in to try to fix the problem in the vessels, it causes more platelet aggregation and BOOM! It causes coronary artery syndrome, angina, and low and behold you’re either having a vessel replacement or having a stent inserted so the body can heal.
Yes, a low-calorie diet may be helpful, but my bet is that the best is a high fat, low protein, zero carb diet. And it should be nature’s made protein and fat which is animal fat. It’s interesting that plant oils have never been consumed in the amounts that there consumed today. Never! They oxidize and harden when exposed to oxygen (the air and in our blood), likely when oil from plants oxidize in our body and harden, they may be a contributing factor to so many diseases. My bet is that even olive oil and coconut oil may not be so good for us. Lettuce is covered with poop and piss (bacteria and yeast) and all of these terrible things that cause so many diseases for us. Gas and fermentation of the gut. Crazy!
Remember that birth is the miracle of life, and the inevitable for each and every one of us is death. When it will happen, none of us knows. LET IT GO! Focus on the in-between time. The in-between moments and constant opportunities called life. You’re listening to this, reading this, and I’m speaking it. We’re alive! That’s the miracle.
Now what we’re learning is that super-marketing is super-killing us. We’ll all searching for the drug or miracle potion to make us better, but you already are that Ferrari and that entity that has the capability of healing by simply intermittently feasting. That’s one meal a day at most. Make it a high fat, low protein, zero carb. If you’re going to have carbs, make them some simple sugars that are absorbed quickly into the liver. They’re then converted to fat, stored in the liver or elsewhere in the body. This is amazing. This is the idea. This is the change-all. Get rid of hypertension, diabetes, irritable bowel, colitis, autoimmune disorders. Phenomenal. Crazy! Amazing. A shift!
Yes, the studies are showing that what we thought worked, may not work. First is faith. Fatty, fertile foods. If you’re carrying extra fat, you actually have the energy and the fuel already. Fit. You must begin to change your thoughts about “I am eating healthy every day. I eat one meal a day. It’s my fertile, intermittent feast.” When I say “fertility”, I’m not meaning just reproduction. I’m meaning your fertile life which is a seed of growth, creativity, flowers, buds, leaves, stems and roots, and the driving force of life that we each have within us.
Listen, read, speak, and think upbeat and positive every day. Yes, we do get down and depressed. We get anxious, but we are human animals. We’re meant to be. The crowd is an uncomfortable place for all of us. But you don’t need a drug. You need to simply realize that you are already perfect. Visualize and meditate, pray, go slow. A little tai chi, yoga, a walk in the park. Remember that life is a walk in the park. You are living that walking in the park life.
The in-between time is between birth and death. The opportunity is what we call the dash. But, just write your story. No matter what it is, it is the best of the universe because you are God’s energy. You are the vibration, the perfection.
Massage, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, prayer, journaling, reading, listening, creating. Focus on its perfection this day and every day. For God is within all of us. God is the vibration and energy that created each and every one of us in this life form, this human, amazing life form. The creative entity of the universe. Yes, we all push, shove, grab, and let go. Imagine that everything that happens in your life this day and every day is God’s perfection.
Remember, you’re born with nothing, and you die with nothing. The everything is just the observation, the experiences, the creativeness, and the in-between opportunities that we all live each and every day.
Sharing words through Mind Body Smile. Silence, prayer, love, faith, harmony, happiness, God, perfect. Remember, you are the lion or the lioness. You’re not a pig or a cow. The idea is that our body is the Ferrari, the Porsche, the Bentley and the most valuable, irreplaceable organism in the universe. Irreplaceable and worth an infinite amount of money, diamonds. Treat it that way. Go slow. Go with the flow.
Lots of oxygen and clean air. A lot less water. A lot less food and fuel. Remember fat is the fuel for your body. If you’re carrying a little bit extra, it’s good. It’s survival and instinct to put some one. Why would you fill up the Ferrari and go racing around to empty the tank to fill it up again? Slow it down and observe. Enjoy. Create. Paint, sing, dance, write, journal, journey, build. And what we learn in human existence is all good. We are researching, inventing, creating, shifting, changing, and always open to new things. It takes time. Remember we create the time in our minds so the universe is infinite in time and in our vibration of life.
This is Dr. Rob Kiltz. Mind, Body, Smile. CNY Healing Arts. Fertile Grounds. Dr. Kiltz’s Keto Cure. I’m simply working to share some thoughts and ideas that I’ve learned from so many in this universe. I want you to enjoy this awesome and amazing day. Your day and your life. God Bless.
Always with blessings,
Dr. Rob

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