Video: CNY Fertility Center Celebrates National Infertility Awareness Week 2012


Dr. Rob:  Hi!  How are you today?  {{vspace8}}
Lisa:  I’m great, Dr. Kiltz, how are you?{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Awesome and amazing.  A beautiful day in the universe.  A great spring and sunshine!  We have ducks!  We have a pair of mom and dad, husband and wife ducks at CNY Fertility.  You were going to talk about Infertility Awareness Week.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Yes.  National Infertility Awareness Week really hosted by RESOLVE, that organization we’re really involved with it.  It’s a wonderful week:  tons of great articles come out, there’s a lot of information out there and support—April 22-April 28th.  You will be having a great teleworkshop on April 23rd with Kristen Magnacca to celebrate.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  We’re celebrating fertility awareness.  We were just talking about this a moment before about how our thoughts make our reality.  The practice with faith is that you are fertile.  You should begin to think that.  It works into every cell of your body and creates the vibration and attracts that fertility.  It’s practice.  We think it’s hard and I’m going to say it’s a challenge but really it’s just a daily practice of “I am fertile”.  Learning by connecting with people.  When you share a story and connect with them, when you write it down in a journal; it’s amazing how it begins to change the energy within you and it actually creates higher levels of the good hormones, and the good molecular energy in the body that creates that fertility that you desire.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  It’s so important to use those words, and to be kind with ourselves especially during challenging times.  Maybe when you’re in the middle of a cycle and you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out or maybe if you just got news that you weren’t so happy about, so be careful with your words.  They impact you every time you say “I’m infertile, I’m infertile” it creates negativity within the body.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  It does.  It took me a while to learn this.  I now understand how powerful it is for all of us.  We’re eighty percent the mind and twenty percent the motion so the trick is to practice more in the mind.  It’s psychology.  With love, kindness, and generosity every day amazing things come.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  We hope that you celebrate National Fertility Awareness week with us (we changed it over to “Fertility” Awareness)…{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  “Fertility” Awareness, yes…{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Let us know if there’s any additional support that we can offer you.  We have some great events and some wonderful workshops, and exciting opportunities coming up this spring.  We’re really going to be celebrating all aspects of fertility.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Like Lisa said, if you have questions, comments, concerns, thoughts, share them with us on website.  We have blogs, we have Fertile Friends, and we have support groups.  We integrate eastern and western medicine.  How powerful yoga, acupuncture, massage, meditation, and journaling as it adds so many great things to our lives!{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  It really does!  We hope to hear from you during the next month as we celebrate.  Please contact us with any thoughts or questions.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  God Bless, enjoy!{{vspace8}}
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator

Video: Fertility Consultation-Opportunity to Relax at Spa


Dr. Rob:  Hi Lisa!  How are you?
Lisa:  I’m great, Dr. Kiltz, how are you?
Dr. Rob:  Spectacular.  Another great day in the universe, isn’t it?
Lisa:  Absolutely.  It’s been a great spring.
Dr. Rob:  Man, that March in upstate New York it was 80 degrees.  Do we visualize and create some amazing things in life.
Lisa:  Absolutely.
Dr. Rob:  What are we talking about today?
Lisa:  Today, we’re talking about utilizing the Healing Arts space.  You’ve created this wonderful building, this wonderful outdoor area for us.  I think it’s important for our clients to not view our appointments as something to dread or just something to pencil in; we can really create them as an event of relaxation, as a moment to carve out time for ourselves.  We always recommend yoga, acupuncture, and massage.  We understand that sometimes that people aren’t ready for that, but they can still get all sorts of great benefits from our center.  They can walk around the pond; use the meditation room, just familiarizing themselves with that.
Dr. Rob:  Relaxation reduces stress.  It reduces those chemicals in the body that actually inhibit us from getting which we desire.  I was talking to a client this morning that said she didn’t have time for yoga, even meditation or journaling.  We talked about ways of creating the time, and it’s always there.  When you come to our new center in Syracuse, our wellness and healing arts, it really is that practice.  We have ten acres of walking trails.  Just coming and sitting in the relaxation room, meditating and visualizing what you desire as if you already have it, is so important in life.  Our worrying actually attracts what we’re worrying about.  If we worry about not getting something, then guess what?  So, the practice is having faith and persistence.  The practice of meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and massage helps us to relax.  Reading…we’ve created with Lisa’s help the Fertile Secret which is about the practice of recognizing that you are fertile, and that it’s all possible.
Lisa:  I always recommend to clients if they say, Oh, I don’t have enough time or I can’t create the time to meditate and relax.  Well, you’re already here, so just schedule another 10 or 15 minutes on either side and take a walk around the pond.  Go just sit in the back; if you’ve never been to our healing arts center and either follow the path around or one of the nurses will escort you gladly to the rear area where it’s nice and relaxing, and peaceful.  You can just take a few minutes to look through our great library and just take in what’s around you, and sit peacefully and quietly.  That may be just what you need.
Dr. Rob:  Meditation is 24/7/365 because it’s our thoughts that create the world.  I think our environment is part of helping you reset and realign your thoughts with your dreams.
Lisa:  Absolutely.  Thank you very much for the great expansion and creating such a relaxing environment because it is challenging for some people to relax during this process and to view it as something that isn’t such a challenge, more of a journey and a great path to wellness.
Dr. Rob:  It is my pleasure.  The reality is, it’s a challenge for all of us.  That’s why we create the space is to practice it 24/7.
Lisa:  Thank you very much.
Dr. Rob:  My pleasure.  God Bless.  Take Care.
Lisa:  Have a great week!

Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator


April's Journey to Fertility: Week Twenty Four


Fertility SymbolApril is a CNY Fertility Center patient and has been on her journey to fertility for approximately two years. April will share candid stories and a unique perspective on the fertility challenges many women and couples face.
Week Twenty Four: Giving
As we enter this month of thanksgiving, I realize that I have not been in the best of places for about two months. I thought that after my endometriosis was diagnosed and removed that I would surely be pregnant by now. My husband and I tried a couple of natural cycles, a couple of natural cycles with assistance (monitoring and IUI) and a couple of stimulated cycles with no results. Since my mounting sense of disappointment and hopelessness has become a bit overwhelming, I realize I need to make some changes so that I can surround myself with positive energy.
I look for signs fairly regularly – omens, if you will, and every once in a while a meaningful sign makes its way to me. One particular sign is making an encore appearance in my life. The last time this particular sign (the book, How One Month Can Change Your Life by Cami Walker) made its way to me; I had been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was simultaneously dealing with my lack of fertility. I remember beginning to emulate the author’s journey of giving, but then becoming too busy to finish the 29 days.
As I was surfing the internet last week, I noticed Cami Walker’s book was highlighted because she was recently on The Today Show ( discussing her own life lessons on the importance of giving. In short, Walker was diagnosed with MS in her early 30s and the disease progressed quickly, affecting her ability to even get out of bed. When she spoke to her spiritual advisor about how distraught she was, her advisor gave Cami an interesting prescription: spend 29 days giving. Read more


Reproductive Dysfunction


Hi this is Dr. Rob talking about reproductive dysfunction, infertility, the inability to conceive and recurrent pregnancy loss. All these things affect our ability to conceive and deliver a healthy baby.

A 20% delivery rate per month is normal. After one year it may drop down to the 5-10% per month range and after two years it may drop to 1-5% per month range, but it doesn’t drop to zero! Keeping at it, I’m finding, is the key to all of this and I believe that stress, anxiety and fear are some of the major causes of reproductive dysfunction.

I believe in treating the patient as a whole entity, not just treating their reproductive organs. The mind, body and spirit play a huge role in each person’s day to day wellness and quality of life. Incorporating things like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and maya abdominal massage are some steps from eastern treatments which work toward healing and normal reproductive function. Certainly it’s also important to look at western medical treatments for things such ovulation failure, pelvic adhesions, endometriosis, tubal factors, uterine factors such as uterine fibroids or intrauterine adhesions and diminished ovarian reserve from age factor infertility. All these can all affect egg function and implantation.

Let us not forget the male and sperm factors. There are two important halves to healthy reproductive function, and sexual dysfunction for many of us, can begin with the very basic inability to come together at the right time. There may be an inability to deposit sperm in the right place. There is also the question that if the sperm is properly placed, is the semen of normal count, motility and function?

In reality it all comes down to function, even though everything looks normal, regular cycles every 28 days, a normal hysterosalpingogram that documents that the fallopian tubes are open and the uterus is normal. A semen analysis that documents that there are at least 20 million sperm with 50% motility and the morphology is fantastic and normal. It’s all about the function of our organs (including the brain!), and the gametes. With unexplained factor (idiopathic) infertility there are unknown components preventing conception. It could be a genetic or chromosomal issue, a immunologic factor or a hormonal issue. We can treat these all with eastern and western treatments. We should start with the mind in all of these. With visualizing exactly what we want, we want – a baby, a family. There is an instinctual natural drive for these things. We do harbor fear, anxiety, worry, regret, guilt and judgment. Through yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, herbs, support group, connecting positively with other women and sharing stories, often sharing our pain, we can let it go.

I believe that journaling each and every day, a simple five minute journal entry, is helpful. Just write down how you are feeling. Then continue with working on the positive mantras of the day with meditation, which is really important. It can help. Studies by Ali Domar, of the mind body institute at Boston IVF have shown an increased success for patients who included a mind-body-spirit regimen with fertility treatments. Randine Lewis has shown with eastern treatments, significant improvements in outcomes that often do not require shots or pills or surgeries, both for the male and the female.

The fertility evaluation should start with sharing your story with your practitioner, whether it’s a Reproductive Endocrinologist, an OBGYN, family doctor or a Traditional Chinese practitioner. Share your story, or even if it’s with your partner or friend, share your story. There is guidance, there is assistance there.

Some blood work may be important for both the male and female. Patients may benefit from testing hormone levels, looking at immunologic factors, karyotyping and chromosomal factors. Performing a hysterosalpingogram to look at the fallopian tubes and uterine patency can add to the diagnostic picture. A pelvic ultrasound can be performed to look at the uterus, ovaries, ovarian reserve and fibroids. Additionally a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy could be recommended. These are operative procedures to look into the woman’s pelvic organs and uterine cavity. Through these procedures we are able to look for adhesions which may affect the transport of the egg and sperm. Both hysteroscopy and laparoscopy are out patient procedures, often done in the office.
Endometriosis is an infertility factor which we believe is the implantation of the glands from the endometrial cavity, either coming directly out of the fallopian tube or just spontaneously growing on the reproductive organs, causing inflammation and scar tissue and sometimes diminishing ovarian reserve. Via the laparoscopy, endometriosis and adhesions can be removed and increase a couple’s odds of delivering a baby.

It may be that the cycles are regular, the fallopian tubes are open and the semen analysis is normal. It may be as simple as trying a few timed clomiphene citrate cycles with intrauterine insemination, which will bump your delivery rate from about 1-5% per cycle to 5-10% per cycle. There are some side effects from medications. Clomid has an anti-estrogenic effect and can often cause some emotional upheaval, some depression, anxiety, PMS type symptoms, or premenstrual syndrome.

There are many options available to couples experiencing infertility, both invasive and non-invasive, Eastern and Western, and each offers some benefit to the patient guiding them closer to parenthood. I believe that doing something is always better than doing nothing, especially when trying to create a family. For more information about any of our services you can call CNY Fertility Center and CNY Healing Arts and speak with our highly knowledgeable staff.
Have a spectacular day!
Dr. Rob