Support Your Fertility with Guided Meditation


Hi!  I’m Lisa Stack, your CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  In addition to my Words of Support and Encouragement this week, I wanted to give you a supplemental video to talk about some of the main topics that I hit on.  This week, I want to talk about meditation.  We’ve talked about mantra and yoga and all these great ways to relax; meditation is really wonderful at getting the mind, getting the body, and getting the heart back to center.  Many of our patients have said, “I’ve had a challenging time in meditating on my own and to get myself to that quiet state that’s easier to do in a class or it is easier to do when it is guided”.  So, we’ve been working on reviewing a new program.  I’m going to have a more in-depth review of the program this week, but it’s called Circle+Bloom.  This program is really wonderful because it’s staged for each step or each two days of your IUI cycle or also during pregnancy, or just overall energy and empowerment.
If you go to the website, it’s posted in this article and also my weekly article.  It is for purchase, so you do have to pay a minimal cost, but you do get this great meditation.  Every two days you have 15-20 minutes where they walk you through the meditation and visualization of the day.  The voice is very calming, it’s very clear and concise and it’s very relaxing.  I’ve done it myself and I really enjoyed it.  I found it very accessible.  It really does helps you get to that point where maybe if you had a lot going on, or you just had a busy day, and you just can’t get to that quiet, meditative state on your own, this is a wonderful supplement.  So, take a look this week because I will have a much more in-depth review of Circle+Bloom,and I will give you my experience with it.  It will be good for your cycles.  Please, if you have any questions or comments, let me know or send me an email, or upload a comment on our website.  Thanks!