Such a big miracle in such a little girl

Vanessa Heart Crisci - born 8.13.2014. In August of 2013, I was scheduled for a double Salpingectomy. Dr. Kiltz assured me in the surgery prep room that he would only remove the tubes if he could not repair them. My mother was mortified that I was making this life changing fertility decision. I needed to get healthy no matter what. The optimism that I had for the outcome mentally prepared me for the journey. While in recovery, two of the sweetest nurses in the world spoke of the results of the surgery. They indicated to me that Dr. Kiltz had repaired the tubes and get this, neither had to be removed!!! Three months after surgery, Cris and I had a positive pregnancy test. We delivered our healthy baby girl almost to the date of the surgery one year later. We are optimistic that our family plan is coming true thanks to the meticulous work of Dr. Kiltz!