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Lindsey & Bradley

New York -


  • In vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Tubal Ligation Reversal


  • Syracuse


  • Robert Kiltz, MD
  • Meg Marnell, NP

Lindsey & Bradley's Story:

Not having any children myself and having been lucky enough to have married the woman of my dreams and her four beautiful children, we came to CNY Fertility in 2020 in hopes of reversing a tubal ligation my wife received after the birth of my youngest stepdaughter.

The surgery went very well and after a short recovery, we came back to CNY Fertility Syracuse for a dye test to see if the surgery was a success. Following that procedure, Dr. Kiltz shared with us the sad news that the surgery had apparently failed and no dye had passed through the fallopian tubes, we were told we had no chance of conceiving naturally.

As a consolation for the failed surgery, Dr. Kiltz offered us a free round of IVF and we happily obliged. Over the next month, I watched my wife go through the daily injections and oral fertility medications all in hopes of giving me the gift of a child of our own.

This alone humbled me, and knowing that she was doing all of this for me made me fall that much more in love with Lindsey. I believe we ended up with nine viable embryos. Long story short, after the final embryos had been placed with an FET and we saw the final negative result on the pregnancy test, our hearts both sank. We agreed that we had given it our best shot and a final child to complete our family was not in God's plan for us.

Little did we know that God was there watching all along, and she has quite a sense of humor.

A few months after our IVF cycle, our lives had pretty much gotten back to normal. Lindsey, I and my four beautiful stepchildren had put the dream of welcoming a new baby behind us. 

That's when we stopped trying so hard and the magic happened!

It was October of 2020, and Lindsey and I had our first child-free night to ourselves in what seemed like forever. So we found a good movie on Netflix, curled up in bed with a good bottle of red wine, and thoroughly enjoyed our quiet night at home.

About three weeks later, Lindsey comes to me and says, "Babe, I'm late. Very Late!!!" At first, I thought she had a client coming to our salon to get their hair done and Lindsey was just running behind. "No baby, I'm late. Go get me a pregnancy test at the drugstore!"

What I felt at that moment was beyond words--it was somewhere between winning the Lottery and being struck by lightning.

By the end of that day, my wife, who always needs to be sure of herself, had five, count them five positive pregnancy tests sitting on the dresser In our bedroom.

The tubal ligation reversal Dr. Kilz performed worked after all!

We called CNY Fertility the following day and they got us in immediately. As we went through the bloodwork my excitement grew, and then we went in for the ultrasound. The picture on screen began to come into focus and I could see two perfect little circles inside a black oval.

I looked at our ultrasound technician and said "Twins." She looks at me and says "Mono Di Twins actually. You're having Identical Twins! "HOLY CRAP!" The smile on Lindsey's face said it all.

We welcomed Kylee and Kinsley Fox into our lives on June 18th, 2021. Today almost two years later they are happy, healthy, and the very bestest of friends.

Lindsey and I would like to thank Dr. Kiltz and CNY Fertility for blessing us with our little Ky and Kins, and for the exceptional health care we received from CNY Fertility. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do!

Favorite Team Member at CNY:

Everyone was Amazing!

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