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HJ & Donna’s Story

Dear Dr. Kiltz and Staff, I thank God everyday for the fantastic babies that were finally "given" to us. It was a struggle, we stopped many times, for many reasons: family hardships, emotions, money. We finally gained the strength within ourselves, each other, God and CNY Fertility Center. We became persistent and determined that we were going to have a baby no matter what! We were triply blessed on Monday, November 21, 2005 with Ryan Joseph 4lbs. 12oz., Chase Michael 4lbs. 7oz., and Emily Lynn 4lbs. 9oz.!!! They were all incredibly healthy and perfect. All of us came home together on that Friday, November 25th. They caught up to a "regular" baby weight at just 2 months old, and have continued blossoming ever since! It has been over a year now and Emily is walking every which way, Ryan and Chase are trying to walk as well. They are the best babies any parents could ask for. They are blessings every day and I thank God and you all for helping us with our dreams of becoming parents. With Love and Appreciation, HJ and Donna