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Stretch Your Possibilities With Fertility Yoga

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Stretch your possibilities with fertility yoga

by Shannon Traphagen

Numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of yoga for anxiety, depression, joint and muscle health, and overall clarity and wellbeing. However, recent research is demonstrating the benefits of yoga practice regarding infertility.
At Rush University Medical and Fertility Centre of Illinois, researchers found that just six weeks of yoga practice dramatically lowered anxiety by more than 20 percent in women undergoing infertility treatments. These women also showed better outcomes in fertility, and increased length of stay in treatment, compared to women in the control group who did not incorporate yoga into their daily activities.
Erin McCollough, a licensed massage therapist and registered yoga teacher at CNY Fertility (CNY) has found that yoga offers outstanding benefits. McCollough, who currently leads the Yoga for Fertility programs at CNY, says, “Anything that helps patients cope during a difficult and stressful time can only be positive.”
With locations in Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, and Buffalo, CNY is the largest comprehensive and affordable fertility center worldwide, providing state-of-the-art fertility solutions and customized immunological treatment for the most complicated cases. This includes in vitro fertilization (IVF), reproductive immunology for recurrent pregnancy loss, repetitive implantation failure, and unexplained infertility. CNY’s minimally invasive surgical centers evaluate and treat uterine, pelvic, and abdominal inflammation utilizing mini laparoscopic and hysteroscopic approaches, identifying the silent causes of fertility dysfunction.
CNY also offers yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy as part of its integrative fertility care treatment plan. “We believe in a holistic approach to fertility wellness,” says McCollough, who has been teaching yoga since 2004, but became invested in fertility yoga after becoming a mom. She says, “Becoming a mom, and being introduced to CNY Fertility and Healing Arts, I knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I am inspired daily by my students.”
Classes at CNY provide patients currently undergoing treatments, or those starting the process, support and a safe haven to talk through struggles. According to McCollough, they practice very specific yoga sequences that support reproductive health, adding, “I also offer a secret Facebook group for students that complements the principles we practice. I’m always on call for them.” McCollough says that the staff are truly passionate about their work, noting that Dr. Kiltz, the owner, has a gift for designing spaces that comfort, inspire, and create a deep sense of ease for patients.
One student, Katya, says, “CNY has given me the chance to find my voice. I am not overly emotional or communicative, so dealing with infertility and loss was difficult. Yoga for Fertility helped me find the words to talk about the plethora of emotions I was feeling.”
CNY currently offers yoga for fertility at no charge to anyone in the community undergoing fertility treatments, including those who are not patients. “I understand the invaluable tools and support gained from attending our yoga class, and want it to be available to everyone without financial burden,” states Dr. Kiltz.
Yoga for Fertility classes in Buffalo take place on Mondays at 4:15 pm at 835 Hopkins Rd. Walk-ins are welcome. Where ever you are at on this journey you are welcome to join the CNY support team.
Learn more about Yoga for Fertility and other support at To schedule a consultation with Dr. Kiltz, or a CNY Fertility provider, call 844.315. BABY. (2229)