Strengthening Your Relationship


Burning Love FlowerThroughout your journey to conceive you may find a new strain on your relationship with your partner.  This can be troubling but it is extremely common, and there are a few things you can do to help get your relationship back on track.  Two of our workshops coming up address this challenge directly, Dr. Rob’s Love and Infertility Workshop and Bonita’s The Art of Making Sex Sacred Workshop. Check our calendar at for Rochester, Syracuse and Albany events coming up soon.
In the meantime there are things you can do today to help mend those wounds in your relationship caused by the heartbreak of infertility.  The task I will be discussing today sounds too simple to be true:  Have sex.  Seriously!  When was the last time you made love to your partner just for the fun, and the love of it?  By now you know exactly what day of your cycle it is, when you are ovulating, exactly what time you have to have sex because you took your Ovidrel last night and don’t want to miss ovulation, and after sex you contort yourself into all sorts of positions with your legs up a wall or a mound of pillows underneath you.  These are all great things for trying to conceive but just do me one favor: Take a deep breath!  Do you remember when you first met your partner?  When you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other, and loved each night you spent together, just the two of you?  There is a reason for that, love!  That is what brought you here, and why you want to have a child together so badly.
It is easy to get into a routine and forget the little things that make us so happy.  How about tonight you just enjoy each other.  Try to forget what day of your cycle it is, and how work was that morning.  More importantly, remember why you are together, and why you care.  You did not choose each other because of your prospective fertility.  You chose each other because of many more, wonderful reasons.
Not feeling up for sex?  Try a massage, or a nice bath, anything to get you two close, and feeling that love between you.  Trust me, it will be a nice visit from the spouse you remember.
If you would like to explore this more, try the two workshops listed below.  And as always, we are here to help.
Rochester Dr. Robs Love & Infertility Workshop Part 3
Saturday, June 06 2009 1:00 PM  – 3:00PM

Rochester CNY Fertility Center 2244 East Ave, Rochester, NY
“Couples Workshop on Forgiveness – I just want my wife back” – Presented by Kristen Magnacca and her husband Mark Magnacca. The pressure of Fertility Treatment has the ability to bring out the worst in everyone! We will concentrate on how to remain grounded in yourself and your relationship. This Workshop will help you to: Create a Fertility Game Plan, Understand the “Honey Do List” strategy and change the atmosphere in your marriage and relieve emotional stress! *RSVP to Chris Briel at
The Art of Making Sex Sacred Workshop
Saturday, June 27 2009 1:00 PM – 3:30PM

CNY Healing Arts Studio – Syracuse
Learn techniques for intimate relationships with Bonita Shear. She will teach you how to connect with your heart, your soul and your eyes and harmonize the male and female polarities. This workshop will include some Kundalini Yoga (these are the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, PhD) and touch upon several essential oils. Bonita will share several tips on foods that increase potency for men and women. * This workshop is offered as at no charge. * Please RSVP by calling CNY Healing Arts Center at 315.671.5755
Take care, and enjoy!
Lisa Stack