So In Love!
Posted by: Editor on Apr 18, 2012 in News, Success Stories

When I first walked on the path of infertility, I was confident that this would be easy. I couldn’t understand why some of these women were so sensitive about getting negative results. I always thought to myself this will work, but if it doesn’t work the first time I won’t mope around, I’ll just try again. Then came the day I got a BFP to turn around and end up a BFN. It hit me harder then I ever expected. Then cycle #2 BFN, another chunk of my confidence stripped away. Cycle #3 BFN, yet another huge chunk of confidence gone! I was stripped of my confidence wall and completely vulnerable. Cycle #4 I went into this cycle so scared and worried that I would never have the baby that my family and I wanted so desperately.

Well I worried for nothing! Dr. Kiltz swooped in and saved the day! The staff at CNY Fertility are so amazing that I couldn’t have asked for anything more. They were warm, caring, very informative, understanding and they even made my very shy, very closed off significant other feel as if he were at home and comfortable.

On February 27th, 2012, our son Eze Kazmer joined our family @ 8:10 A.M. weighing in at 7lbs 12oz and 20in long! Thank you doesn’t say enough. We are in love with him and we’ll always be grateful for your services!!!


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