Trying to Conceive

Family Building Options for Single Men

There are many reasons a man might seek help at CNY Fertility. Some single men simply have not found a partner and want to become fathers. Others are looking to become sperm donors or to freeze their sperm? Other single men may be undergoing cancer treatment and want to know what will happen to their fertility and if there is anything they can do about it.


Single Men

Building Your Family Now

There are several key questions that need to be made as a single man looking to start a biological family.

  • Who's Eggs

    Choosing an egg donor is perhaps the most fun part of the family-building process. Many single men are able to find family and friends that are willing and able to donate their eggs, but CNY indeed offers the nation’s most affordable donor egg program. When selecting an egg donor one is able to read the donor profiles to learn about the donor’s ethnicity, education, eye color, and other important demographic and personality traits. Some donor profiles include child pictures only while others also include adult pictures.

  • Who Carries?

    There are two types of carriers. Surrogates are genetically related to the child, that is they are both the egg donor and the carrier. Gestational carriers are not related to the child, in that an embryo will first be created using donor eggs and your sperm via IVF then subsequently transferred to a third person. Finding the person to carry is perhaps the most challenging and financially straining part of starting a family. Many people use family and friends but some turn to paid gestational carriers that often carry price tags of around $100,000.

  • What treatment?

    As a single man looking to start their family, there are generally two options. Those are intrauterine insemination (IUI and also known as artificial insemination) and in vitro fertilization.  If there are no suspected fertility issues and one is able to find someone who will carry a child genetically related to themselves and subsequently let you adopt the child you may go this route. Many however find it easier to do IVF and work with an egg donor and gestational carrier separately.

*It is important to note that gestational carriers and surrogacy agreements in the state of New York are void and unenforceable. Let it also be known that surrogacy contracts for compensation are subject to fines within the state of New York. It will, therefore, be important to find and work with a surrogate/gestational carrier that you have a great deal of trust in and work with a reproductive lawyer.

Single Men

Building Your Family Later

Many men for various reasons including occupational risks, medical conditions, cancer diagnosis, before a vasectomy surgery, or simply as a result of not yet finding the right partner choose to freeze their sperm. At CNY Fertility sperm freezing usually a very simple process and costs only $100 per collection. This includes storage for the first year. After one year, storage costs $550 per year.