September 2013: Fertility Success Story of the Month


Two Years of Tears Turned into Two Years of Giggles!
Not to say that there still aren’t many tears, because there are, but each time we look at our beautiful little girl we are reminded of our journey and just how blessed we are. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for putting CNY Fertility, and all the wonderful staff, into our lives. We will never have the words to express our true gratitude for all the love and support we were given from the staff throughout this journey. More amazing than that, is the love and support they continue to give. We are honored that our daughter will know so many amazing people and will be able to be proud of her journey to us. So again “Thank You All” so very much!
Lots of Love,
Elaine, Tiffany, & Eva

CNY Fertility Success Story