Secondary infertility didn’t beat us
Posted by: admin on Sep 05, 2017 in Success Stories

It was so easy, once upon a time. We wanted another child, we tried, we got pregnant, and we had a baby. Easy. However, upon deciding our family was incomplete and that we wanted a fourth child, things were suddenly not so easy. Our second month of trying got us a positive pregnancy test but it became apparent that things weren’t right. It turned out that pregnancy was ectopic and I lost my fallopian tube to rupture. We mourned, i healed physically, and we threw ourselves in to trying again. After nearly a year I had a hsg which confirmed my fear… my only tube was blocked. We weighed our options and ended up on the doorstep of CNY’s Rochester office. I knew immediately that CNY was the place for us and they’d do everything they could to get me pregnant. Though our fresh transfer was unsuccessful, my FET a month later did work. Lillian Marie was born February 2, 2016 and came home from the hospital a year to the day after we found out about my tube and thought we’d never see our rainbow baby. Now, at 18 months, she continues to be the light at the end of the dark tunnel infertility created in our lives. I thank God, science, and CNY every day for her!

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