SART Releases New ART Success Predictor Tool


Wondering what your chances are with ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)? 
Pregnancy-with-ART-300x244In early 2015 SART released version 1.0 of their SART ART Success Predictor.  SART has been collecting outcomes data on ART treatments in the USA since 1987 as part of its mission to improve patient care. Now, the Predictor allows patients to harness the data’s power directly and specifically for themselves. Clients will find it to be a very helpful tool to inform and guide their ART treatment.

Please remember all clients are unique and this is merely an easy to use tool to begin exploring your options on the fertility treatment journey. You still need to have a consultation with a SART member clinic and consult with a physician regarding your treatment decisions.

SART’s new Patient Predictor Tool is free to use and may be found at this link. 

This version presents the 3 outcomes below once you enter just a few fields of information

  1. The chance of a live birth after 1, 2, and 3 fresh IVF tries
  2. The chance of a live birth using your own eggs vs donor eggs
  3. The chance of a live birth and multiple births when 2 embryos are transferred vs 1

The calculations used within the Patient Predictor Tool are based on SART data collected between 2006 and 2012.  SART funded the research that developed these prediction models, and will update them over time. They also plan to incorporate frozen embryo outcomes soon. Read more about SART and explore the patient resource information at their website.

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