Running and Fertility, What You May Want to Consider


In the Winter 2009 issue of Concieve Magazine they published a story on Running and Trying to get Pregnant, it was written by Michael C. Darder, M.D., and Susan L. Treiser, M.D., Ph.D.. Below is a direct quote from the article. Click here to read the full article online at Conceive.
“If you’ve been trying to conceive for a year or more, it’s time for a medical evaluation. In our practice, if a patient comes in with that kind of exercise history, we’ll tell them to cut down both their number of miles and days of exercise. That includes women who are having regular menstrual cycles, since running can be associated with more difficulty conceiving even in women who are ovulating.”

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  1. Corey Whelan
    Corey Whelan says:

    All things in moderation, including excess! This article presents good info, however, women should not take it to mean that they should stop exercising altogether. The body was designed to move. Indulge your body, and your soul, in some joyful movement. Just don’t overdo.
    Good luck to all!!
    Corey Whelan
    Program Director
    The American Fertility Association

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