ASRM’s Annotated Bibliography for Children

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Compiled by the Education Committee, Spring 2007
Kim Kluger-Bell, MFT, Chair
Jana Frances Fisher, Ph.D.
Jennifer Adams, Ph.D.
Mental Health Professional Group
American Society for Reproduction Medicine
(Based on the Children’s Bibliography compiled by Elaine Gordon, Phd, and Ellen Speyer, MFT)

*For excellent lists of books on adoption for parents and children see click here.


Part One: Donor Conception Children’s Books

Appleton, Tim. (2005) My Beginnings : A Very Special Story Published by IFC Resource Center, U.K. Available here.

Bourne, Kate. (2002) Sometimes It Takes Three To Make A Baby (Explaining Egg Donor Conception to Young Children) Melbourne IVF, Victoria, Australia. Available here. Email for availability. Written for 3-9 year olds. There are three sections to the book.

Celcer, Irene. (2007) Hope And Will Have a Baby United States, Graphite Press. Available here. Ages 3-7. Four-book collection.

Gordon, Elaine. (1992) Mommy, Did I Grow In Your Tummy? Where Some Babies Come From California: EM Greenburg Press. Available through Ages 4-12.

Grimes, Janice. (2004) Before You Were Born; Our Wish For A Child Published in the US by X,Y and me. Available here. There are 16 versions of these story books.

Grimes, Janice. (2005) Before You Were Born: My Wish For A Child Available here . These story books are good for children in single parent families

Javier, Carmen Martinez. (2005) An Itsy Bitsy Gift of Life; An Egg donor Story Available through Ages 9-12.

Leicester, Mal. (2001) Making Miracles Published by Acebabes. Available here. Story book for young children.

Margolis, Amy. (2006) Butterflies and Magical Wings U.S.: Amy Margolis Publishing. Available through Ages 4-8.

Nadel, Carolina. (2006) Mommy Was Your Tummy Big? U.S. Carolina Nadel. Available through Lovely storybook for younger children.

Schaffer, Patricia. (1988) How Babies and Families are Made: There is More Than One Way Berkeley, CA. Sarah Tabor Books. Available through

Infertility Research Trust. (1992) My Story Available here. Written for children up to age 6.

Donor Conception Network. (2002) Our Story Published by Donor Conception Network. Available here.


Part Two: Donor Conception Books for Parents:

Bernstein, Anne (1994) Flight of the Stork: What Children Think (And When) About Sex and Family Building 287 p. Indianapolis: Perspectives Press. Available through Enlightening interviews with children aged 3-12

Cooper, S. and Glazer, E. (1999) Choosing Assisted Reproduction: Social, Emotional and Ethical Considerations Indianapolis: Perspectives Press. 400p. Available through

Ehrensaft, Diane. (2005) Mommies, Daddies, Donors, Surrogates: Answering Touch Questions and Building Strong Familes Guilford Press. 305p. Available through

Glazer, Ellen. (2005) Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation Indianapolis: Perspectives Press. 384p. Available through

Glazer, Ellen. (1998) The Long Awaited Stork: A Guide to Parenting After Infertility Jossey Bass Press. 349p. Available through

Lorbach, Caroline. (2003) Experiences of Donor Conception; Parents, Offspring and Donors through the years New Zealand: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 208 p. Available through

Pettle, S. and J. Burns. Choosing to be Open: The Experiences of Parents Donor Conception Network, U.K. Available here. Short book consisting of conversations with 52 parents


Part Three: Gay/Lesbian/Single-Parent Children’s Books:

Baxter, Nicola. (2003) Our Story Donor Conception Network. Available here and also here. An excellent guide to donor insemination for young children, with one version about having lesbian parents (ages 3-6).

Day, Ann Frances. (2000) Lesbian and Gay Voices: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Literature for Children and Young Adults. Available through

Considine, Kaitlyn. (2005) Emma and Meesha My boy:A Two Mom Story. Available through Ages 3-6.

Elwin, Rosamund & Paulse, Michele. (1990) Asha’s Mums. Women’s Press, Ontario, Canada. Available through Ages 6 and up.

Garden, Nancy. Holly’s Secret. Available through Ages 8-12.

Gottlieb, Andrew. Sons Talk About Their Gay Fathers: Life Curves. Haworth Gay and Lesbian Studies. Available through

Howey, Noelle & Samuels, E. (Eds.) (2000). Out of the Ordinary: Essays on Growing up with Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Parents. Stonewall Inn Editions. Available through Collection of essays by 20 contributors

Newman, Leslea & Souza, Diane. (2000) Heather Has Two Mommies. Alyson Publications. Available through Ages 2-6.

Newman, Leslea. (1991) Gloria Goes to Gay Pride. Alyson Publications. Gloria and her two mothers join in a Gay Pride parade. Available through

Newman, Leslea. Felicia’s Favorite Story. Available through

Snow, Judith. How it Feels to Have a Gay or Lesbian Parent: A Book by Kids for Kids of all Ages. Available through

Valentine, Johnny. (2004) One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads. Available through

Valentine, Johnny. The Duke Who Outlawed Jelly Beans. This is a collection of five original fairy tales. Available through

Willhoite, Michael. (1991) Daddy’s Roommate. Both the story and pictures are warm and positive. Available through


Part Four: Gay/Lesbian/Single Parenting Books

Alpert, Harriet. (Ed.) (1988) We are Everywhere: Writings by and About Lesbian Parents The Crossing Press. Available through

Barret, Robert. L. & Robinson, Bryan. E. (1991) Gay Fathers: Encouraging the Hearts of Gay Dads and their Families Jossey-Bass Books. Available through

Benkov, Laura. (1995) Reinventing the Family: Lesbian and Gay Parents Crown Trade Paperbacks. Available through

Brill, Stephanie. (2001) The Queer Parent’s Primer: A Lesbian and Gay Families’ Guide to Navigating Through a Straight World New Harbinger Publications. Available through

Brill, Stephanie & Sacks, Preston. (2006) The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth Alyson Publications. Available through

Curry, Hayden, Hertz, Frederick & Doskow, Emily. (2007) Legal Guide for Lesbian & Gay Couples Nolo Press. Available through

Clunis, D. Merilee & Green, G. Dorsey. (2003) The Lesbian Parenting Book: a Guide to Creating Families and Raising Children Seal Press. Available through

Gillespie, Peggy, Weston, Kath, Kaeser,Gigi & Martin, April. (1999) Love Makes a Family: Portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Parents and their Families University of Massachusetts Press. Available through

Johnson, Suzanne. For Lesbian Parents: Your Guide to Helping Your Family Grow Up Happy, Healthy and Proud Available through

Lev, Arlene Istar. (2004) The Complete Lesbian and Gay Parenting Guide Berkley Trade Paperback. Available through

Martin, April. (1993) The Lesbian and Gay Parenting Handbook: Creating and Raising our Families Harper Perennial. An affirming guide for lesbian and gay families. Available through

Mattes, J. (1997) Single Mothers by Choice: a Guide for Single Women Who are Considering or Have Chosen Motherhood Three Rivers Press. Available through

Mohler, Marie & Frazer, Lacy. (2002) A Donor Insemination Guide: Written by and for Lesbian Women Harrington Park Press. Available through parents of two children conceived through donor insemination share their experiences and offer advice.

Pepper, Rachel. (2005) The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians: How to Stay Sane and Care for Yourself from Preconception through Birth, 2nd Edition. Available through
A humorous and insightful guide written by a lesbian mother who herself used donor sperm to conceive.

Pies, Cheri. (1988) Considering Parenthood Spinsters Ink. Available through A slightly dated yet user-friendly book that considers many dimensions of lesbian family building.

Pollack, Sandra & Vaughn, Jeanne (Eds.) (1987) Politics of the Heart: a Lesbian Parenting Anthology Firebrand Books. Available through

Wells, Jess. (ed.) (1997). Lesbians Raisings Sons Alyson Books. Available through


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